The Electronic Amusement Exposition 2019, better called E3 2019, was the twenty-fifth edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The event was organized by the Amusement Software Program Organization (ESA), which took location at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 11 to 13, 2019. Lots of firms commemorated their press seminars on previous days, with the exemption Sony, that for the very first time in his story leapt the E3.

Gjallarhorn Returns - Destiny 2 - Bungie 30th Anniversary - New Dungeon, New Exotic, New Activity

No new video game hardware was disclosed, although Microsoft announced that he was starting to work with the next Xbox generation, while Sony had actually discussed his very own primary benefit the approaching PlayStation gaming consoles, both that are anticipated to reach 2020. The majority of the Promotions at E3 concentrated on brand-new video games, much of which will certainly go on sale given that the end of 2019 till the start of 2020. Special focus was positioned on subscription solutions, such as Xbox Game Pass and Play And also, as well as in the Streaming services, such as Google Stadia as well as Microsoft Cloud.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Bungee and, to celebrate it, the developer has added a new event in Donation 2, full of booties inspired by the past of the company. Naturally, this means multiple references to the halo franchise, although Bungee is taking care to avoid any direct reference to the series, since it is property of Microsoft. In spite of this, the progress of the new event presents a series of clear allusions to the Xbox shooter, including a weapon that looks a lot like the Magnum, an Energy Sword, a reference to Armor Lock and more. The Event of the 30th anniversary of Bungee is now available for purchase in the game for $24.99.

The advance of the 30th anniversary event of Bungee can be found on the Tweet included below.

As part of the event, players can see a new dungeon, the domain of greed. The dungeon for three players was inspired by the famous booty caves of the commodore of yesteryear and asks players to look for the Thorn armor set, as well as the exotic rocket launcher, Gjlanahorn. While the content inspired by halo and the new dungeon are easily the highlight, there is much more content. One of the most notable additions is the set of Bungee Streetwear ornaments, which includes clothes inspired by the 90s, when Bungee appeared for the first time on stage. Everything is intentionally striking, but it looks very good at the same time!

The event seems nice for Bungee fanatics for a long time. The information about the anniversary event was filtered in August, but fanatics should be happy now that it is finally here. In social networks, some fans have complained about the price of content, but for players who have been with Bungee from the first few days, it seems that this anniversary event will be welcome!

Destine 2 is currently available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia and PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

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