Sensor Tower has just released its mobile market account for the year 2021. In particular, we discover the top 10 games that generated the most money in the world on iOS and Android.

The part of the video game assessment teaches us that expenditure continued to increase in 2021, in the wake of one year 2020 already very strong because scope by the confinement episodes. Estimates are about a turnover of $89.6 billion for the whole year through the App Store and Google Play, an increase of 12.6%. Sensor Tower notes that the video game share in all applications combined is down from 74% to 72%, because other categories out of video games have also benefited from the pandemic. We are not mistaken, the video game always represents the majority of expenses both at Apple (61.5% of the total) than at Google (78% of the total).

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On the App Store, Sensor Tower anticipates an annual turnover of $52.3 billion (up 10%) while players’ spending on Google Play will reach $37.3 billion (up 16 %). Romanesque Honor of Kings of Tencent is the game that reported the most money at Apple ($2.9 billion) while Moon Active Corner is headed by Google ($912 million).


While it is essentially known in China, Honor of Kings finishes mainly in the second place of all regions and platforms, in front of Genuine Impact who confirmed his status as a world cardboard this year. As for the first rank, it is occupied by PUBG Mobile. The podium of the year is therefore composed of Chinese games, including two Tencent Games productions.

We then find regulars like ROBLOX, CANDY CRUSH SAGA and Pok√©mon Go, but also the very in view Arena Free Fire which was the most downloaded mobile game from the ‘year. Special mention Finally for UMA Museum: Pretty Derby which offers a place in the top 10 So what this title signed Games, a horse game in which the horses were replaced by young girls, is essentially brought by The Japanese audience.