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A Champions League game in this form not won and thus have a whopping victory premium left, is already annoying. But if you like the FC Chelsea on Wednesday in St. Petersburg (or on Saturday at West Ham) two guides, in the screening time the 3: 3 conceded and thereby gives away the group victory, something goes wrong.

Chelsea Under Thomas Tuchel ???? Chelsea will win the Premier League - Ian Wright HD

And on Monday, the draw of the eighth-finished finish could be quite evil: Chelsey’s possible opponents are suddenly called Bavaria, Lille, Real Madrid or Ajax.

We forget why we were the better team.


And again, as already on Saturday or the extremely poor performance at promoted Watford (2: 1), Tunnel counted on the subsequent press conference several reasons why his team suddenly shaken almost permanently. After a very good kick-off quarter, in which Man of the Match Time Werner had launched the blues, his team stopped doing things we’ve done in the first 15 minutes, and the feeling developed That we could smile; the feeling was that it’s okay, what we do, as we have the lead and are the better team.

But: We forgot why we were the better team, namely because the concentration and physical use were high enough to be the better team. As soon as it just decreases by ten percent as soon as we start managing results and To change our behavior due to the result, we will be punished. This happened to us at West Ham, and that happened to us today.

In the past three games Chelsea conceded so many goals (seven) as in all previous lots together (six). Tunnel recognizes with his team, which is currently missing two pillars with Mateo Kovacs and N’Gold Kane, a recruitment problem: We start to attack no longer with the same aggressiveness and the same hunger as before, and we were punished twice. The challenge is to close the door to minimize this opportunity, and that’s very simple — you have to have a higher level of sprints, a higher level of intensity and a higher level of concentration. His haunting appeal: The basics must be lifted back to a higher level.

And as soon as possible. In the league, the table management is gone, in the premier class of group victory. Chelsea also gets problems on Saturday against Leeds (4 pm, live! With Real Madrid), the headwind should increase. Not only from, but also for Tunnel.