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The Stanford torus is a suggested NASA layout for an area habitat qualified of housing 10,000 to 140,000 long-term residents. The Stanford torus was recommended throughout the 1975 NASA Summer season Study, performed at Stanford College, with the purpose of checking out as well as hypothesizing on styles for future space swarms (Gerard O’Neill later on recommended his Island One or Vernal sphere as a choice to the torus). Stanford torus refers just to this specific version of the style, as the principle of a ring-shaped rotating room station was previously recommended by Werner von Braun as well as Herman Potosí. It includes a torus, or doughnut-shaped ring, that is 1.8 km in diameter (for the suggested 10,000 individual environment explained in the 1975 Summer Study) as well as revolves as soon as per minute to give in between 0.9 g and also 1.0 g of man-made gravity on the within the external ring through centrifugal force. Sunlight is given to the inside of the torus by a system of mirrors, including a huge non-rotating key solar mirror.
The ring is linked to a hub through a number of spokes, which offer as avenues for individuals and also materials taking a trip to and from the center. Since the center is at the rotational axis of the station, it experiences the least synthetic gravity and also is the simplest location for spacecraft to dock. Zero-gravity market is performed in a non-rotating component affixed to the center’s axis. The interior space of the torus itself is made use of as living space, and also is big sufficient that an all-natural environment can be simulated; the torus appears similar to a long, narrow, straight antarctic valley whose ends contour upward as well as eventually fulfill overhead to create a total circle. The population density is similar to a dense suburban area, with component of the ring committed to farming as well as component to housing.

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