Thailand Today2021 EP202 : Blood Donations Needed Amid COVID-19 Crisis : Pawinee Kupatawintu

If there is one thing that Bethesda knows very well, it’s apocalyptic scenarios. They were mistaken only on two points. Instead of nuclear annihilation is organic. Instead of hording bottle caps, we hard to toilet paper. A world as interesting as it would create, even Bethesda prefers to try to come back to the one we are used to. In response to the Global Pandemic of Covid-19, Bethesda donates $1 million to Covid-19. The money will be distributed in three ways to help those who are on the front line of this pandemic and those who need help.

During these difficult times, the developers of Bethesda spend some of their time spreading to connect with their fans via their campaign Bethesdaathoma. This announcement also arrives in the stride of the Wastelands extension for Fallout 76, which added many elements that help it more like a game Fallout.

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