The already injured Baltimore Ravens has not only collected a sensitive defeat in the race around the play-off places, but may now have to do without Lamar Jackson. The star quarterback moved an ankle injury in the second quarter of the 22: 24 defeat against Cleveland Browns and did not return to the game. His representative Tyler Huntley initially had little to oppose the Browns, but brought the Ravens in the last quarter, but in fact again on two points — and after Baltimore got back the ball Via-successful Onside Kick, the great turnaround was in the air. The potentially winning Drive, however, stopped Cleveland and remains through the tight success in his part in the play-off race.

An application letter to the Favorites Role in the narrow AFC sent the Kansas City Chiefs. The Super Bowl Champion of 2020 drove in impressive manner the sixth victory in a row and also brought the last and again weakening openly to roles. 48: 9 Name the result at the end of a very unilateral game against the Las Vegas Raiders, as early as halftime Patrick Mahomes & Co. had already achieved five touchdowns.

Cowboys trembling despite clear lead

Ravens vs Browns: Lamar Jackson leaves with injury as Browns get win | CBS Sports HQ
Also, for the Dallas Cowboys it looked for a long time after a safe division success. Until the middle of the third quarter, America’s team led to 24: 0 against the Washington Football Team — and had to tremble. Also, because of a Pick Six of Quarterback DAK Prescott, the Cowboys gave the majority of their projection, so Washington shortly before the end got the possibility for a balancing touchdown drive. The replacement quarterback Kyle all used for the injured Taylor Janice Allen then underlie a fumble, which sealed the 27: 20 victory for Dallas.

Something more unspectacular ran the other two division duels of the day. The Tennessee Titans won 20-0 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, where First Overall Pick Trevor Lawrence caught a raven-black day with four interceptions. And the Atlanta Falcons won 29:21 against Carolina Panthers, the quarterback returnee Cam Newton in the fourth neighborhood took out the game again.

In addition, in the early window: DO-IT All-Quarterback Mayor Hill showed at the 30: 9 over the New York Jets again his athletic and contributed two Rushing Touchdowns. And at the Seattle Seahawks, Running Back Rashad Penny (137 yards, two touchdowns) and Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett (142 yards, a touchdown) shone at the hearted 33:13 via defensive again overwhelmed Houston Texans.