Does Blizzard know your own story world of Warcraft anymore? So it seems, because in the newest book are many mistakes — that slugs the Lore fans.

The latest book by World of Warcraft is not yet released correctly, but already there is criticism. Some mistakes can be found in the book, which bite significantly with previously known story. It also acts as if the peoples of the Horde would be particularly negative — some recognize here parallels to racist prejudices from the real world.

Especially annoying: The book World of Warcraft: Exploring Salvador was written by one of the story masters at Blizzard.

What is the problem? In some pre-publications, readers have found numerous criticisms. The YouTuber Cellular cites a fertilizer in which it’s about the lake Menkar. There was a magician academy, which was used in the war of the ancestor. Further, there is written that [the elfish magicians] tried to lead the magic from the dark portal, which used the burning legion to attack Zeroth.

This only makes little sense, because the dark portal did not exist at that time and was built just under 10,000 years later — in one place, which is then on a completely different continent.

An error that would have actually attracted to the Lore Master Sean Copeland when writing.

What problems are there? Still other passages in the book are criticized how Towhead has compiled. So there is a letter that comes from the Goblin Gallows. Gallows is an experienced master builder and for a goblin right — he pays well and enjoys a pretty good reputation. After all, he helped to build the garrison of the hero in Drano.

The letter, however, shows Gallows arrogant and condescending a completely stranger — and reads more like it would have fitted better to the former Goblin boss Gallows.

Also, the presentation of Khan, which many are still known as Zappy BOI, is strange. He seems clearly uneducated in the book and almost primitive. So he does not know what erosion is — completely absurd for a shaman that is handled with the elements. He does not seem to be able to write and probably learned that by For’the mar — also surprising, role to write most of the places of Zeroth for millennia.

anti-Semitic prejudices are served: Another point that is being discussed is discussed for many players. These are provided by KHAN with deeds and descriptions that have unsightly parallels to racist and anti-Semitic prejudices in the real world. Thus, GOBLINS with her greed, the love of money and large noses have long been many of the anti-Semitic prejudices against Jews.

The fact that the goblins in the book are also considered a water flaw, which is very close to the fountain flaw, produces another, unsightly parallel for some readers.

Book is postponed again: Last but not least, the official release of the book was postponed again by a few weeks — in January 2022. But that should probably not be up to pending corrections, because it is too late. The delay is probably rather at the general bottleneck to resources and the delays in the book market, which were reinforced by the pandemic.

Even before the release, Exploring Salvador is under no good star. Too bad, because the predecessor Exploring Eastern Kingdoms came very well among most players.

The Origins of Anti-Semitism
Can you understand the criticism? Or are this just little things you should not see so close?