Fürth’s coach Stefan Late changed after the 1: 7 swatter against Bayer Leverkusen four times: Bur chert (Gate), Meyerbeer, Seguin and Nielsen play for the injured radio (gate), Barry, Dunkirk and Leveling. Five new ones found themselves in the starting of the Köpenick again: Berlin’s coach Urs Fischer left compared to the 1: 1 in the Europa Conference League against Slavic Prague Luther (Gate), Jacket, Ryerson, Yamaguchi and Becker instead of Connor (Tor) Friedrich, Trimmed, Hegira, Agonist.

A chance on both sides

Union seemed to play the game against Prague in the bones, because the Berliners lacked in the Roof apparently on lively and freshness. This was especially noticeable in the two-fighting, in which the guests often had the look, but also in the offensive game it hooked.

The best chance of the Irises resulted in a Lapses of Greenback, who fabricated an arc lamp and had almost laid up for ruse. But then failed to buffer in the final man (13.).

Not going on in the first round

Incidentally, it was not the best chance of the first passage, which had the francs a few minutes earlier, when Obama had shot in the differ relatively freestanding Berlin’s Beckman Luther (7.).

More had not to offer the first half. The Further was very compact overall, it managed to stop the Berlin game throughout the center almost entirely and thus took the game designer Ruse from the game. Of course, the SPV GG lacked ideas so that there was little surprisingly goalless in the pause.

Matchday Magazine with Roman Weidenfeller | BVB - SpVgg Greuther Fürth

The visual advantages of the Köpenick were even more concise after the sideways, only the guests still did not develop a real door danger — and though Fürth acted more momentous and more and more retreated.

Robust Nielsen proves themselves as accurate

From the point of view of the Franks, everything was still according to plan, especially when Nielsen claimed very robust in the penalty area after a corner and achieved with links 1-0 — his shot was still crucial (56.).

Thick Chance: Fürth’s Dickson Obama fails to Andreas Luther. Imago images / passion2press

After the leadership there was only one-way street football in the Roof. Union urged all violence on the compensation and had a lot of possession, just lacked the clear chances. This also did not change Fischer’s offensive substitution of Agonist (63.) and Programmer (76.) not much. Only Bearers’ header, the Bur chert excellent defused (58.), made an exception.

Fürth found himself in the final phase in a defense battle, but this was quite neat. Also, when Berlin unpacked the crowbar and struck almost only long balls forward, the francs were there and left hardly anything.

BECAUSE Castellano in his double chance (84th) also lacked the necessary quires accuracy like Agonist in his header (90.), it was enough for the Franks for the first threesome of the season — and the first home win in the 24th Bundesliga game at the Roof.

Both teams must be on Wednesdays during the week on Wednesdays: Fürth has the serious away game at Borussia Dortmund in front of the chest, Union the tricky home game against the molded SC Freiburg — kick-off is at 20.30.