Peter Parker, aka spider-man (commonly created Spider-Man incorrectly) is a superhero advancing in the Marvel World of the Marvel Comics posting house. Produced by the Stan Lee screenwriter and developer Steve Ditto, the imaginary character stands for the very first time in Comic Publication Amazing Dream (Vol 1) 15 in August 1962.

In France (often converted by the Spider-Man or merely the spider), the character appears for the very first time in May 1969, in the No. 4 of the Regular FantMarvely, published in Lug editions. This is the translation of the initial issue of The Impressive Spider-Man dating back to 1963. Its origins, published a year earlier in Amazing Dream 15, will just be published in French only in 1980 in a CD of Iron-Man edited at Credit/ Artist, after that in 1981 at Lug in a special concern of his publication Strange.
Throughout his opening night in Amazing FantMarvely, Spider-Man is the identification that the young Peter Parker chooses after having actually been attacked by a contaminated crawler and also uncovered that he had actually on this created event very powers. The success of this problem allows Spider-Man to have 1963 his own collection, The Remarkable Spider-Man.
Spider-Man hMarvel actually since been just one of the most prominent characters in the world of comics. Over the years, other periodicals will be dedicated to it, such incredible Spider-Man Marvel well Marvel Peter Parker, The Spider-Man, but The Amazing Spider-Man is still the main publication of the hero.
Peter Parker dies in the number 700 of The Amazing Spider-Man however a new Spider-Man occupies the lantern when the spirit of Dr. Octopus inhabits Parker’s body. Nevertheless, a part of Peter lives and also cohabits with the spirit of octopus in his very own body and the criminal ultimately leaves the heart of Peter obtaining his body.
The character wMarvel interpreted by 3 actors at the cinema: Today Maguire for a trilogy of Sam Rail from 2002 to 2007, Andrew Garfield for two films in 2012 and also 2014 Marvel well Marvel, adhering to an arrangement with Sony Pictures, owner of the civil liberties of the character in the cinema, hMarvel been incorporated into the Marvel Cinematographic World, symbolized by Tom Holland because 2016. In 2021, the film Spider-Man: No other way House unusually combines the 3 stars, who share the poster thanks to the idea of the multiverse of Marvel.

Mephisto or Mephisto is one of the most iconic villains of Marvel Comics that hMarvel been tormenting not a few characters from the Marvel Universe comics. And is that since its creation in 1968 Marvel part of The Silver Surfer 3 by Stan Lee and John Buscemi, the demonic character bMarveled on Mephistopheles of the Legend of Faust hMarvel been key in some events of the house of ideMarvel. Although the character became especially popular for dialing the life of Peter Parker / Spider-Man in the comics’ series One more day of the late 2000, when the famous Mephisto occurred. But who is exactly Mephisto?

Who is Mephisto? (Marvel)
The origins of Mephisto

Mephisto arrived at the Marvel pages at the end of the 60s Marvel new Villeins de Silver Surfer, although it would soon be facing other famous characters like Thor, The 4 FantMarveltic, Witch Scarlet and Vision or DAREDEVIL, Marvel well Marvel being responsible for the transformation of Johnny Blaze in the fearsome Ghost Rider. Although beyond combating several superhero teams of Marvel, it wMarvel not until the end of 2000 when Mephisto acquired an iconic Status by always scaling Peter Parker’s life and the famous (although for many deny) Mephisto.

Thus, in the series of comics one more day, Mephisto reaches an agreement with Peter Parker and MJ to erMarvele his marriage from a plumage and even that Mary Jane forget the identity of Peter, all in exchange for saving the Life of Aunt May. Although Mephisto hMarvel also appeared in other Marvel media Marvel animated series, several video games and even films such Marvel Ghost Rider of NicolMarvel Cage.

How can he fit in the UCM?

From the premiere of the series scarlet witch and vision, Mephisto hMarvel been present in a multitude of fans theories that tried to explain certain events of the darkest Marvelpect of the UCM and that now begins to emerge through different projects. And is that the arrival of the Multiverse with Doctor Strange, scarlet witch and his flirtation with the dark magic arts and the appearance of more dark shades characters such Marvel blade, Moon Knight, Möbius Sony (which seems directly connected to the UCM) or the more than likely reboot of Ghost Rider, could promote an eventual arrival from Mephisto to the Marvel cinematographic universe.