In Corona 19, the domestic game industry polarization issue has been revealed in the labor environment. 2021 Game White Paper has a result of investigating the part that corona 19 affects the working environment for game industry workers, which is a negative impact on the smaller companies.

In the case of a 5-person game company, the wages and repair of Corona 19 decreased, and the employment stability, job search and career maintenance and development opportunities have also been reduced. On the other hand, the work of Telecommunications has increased, In addition, the smaller the company’s size, the lower the deposit and repair, the lower the cost of the company, the lower the cost of repair, the smaller the employment stability and the job opportunities, the lower the size, the smaller the size, the smaller the scale, the smaller the size, the smaller the scale, the lower, the smaller the size, the smaller the scale, the smaller the size, the smaller the scale.

Comprehensive, in the middle of Corona, the game is more than the existing Labor environment, and the overall working environment has been improved than the existing, and the smallest game is a negative influence. The game white paper also said that the ‘Small & Medium Game Semicon is a manager, such as anticipated anodized in the cathode 19 due to corona 19, and therefore, the labor environment is also worse. Eventually, industrial anodization is that it leads to an anodization of labor environment. ‘

When Things Go Bad - Severe COVID-19 Simplified

This survey was conducted from August to October, and the company introduced a week at 52 hours a week at the time of the investigation was 76%. NOTE 52 working units are introduced, and workers have increased, but the possibility of crunch mode has increased, but the wages, employment stability, and relaxation were increased. However, 25% of the game companies that take charge of 52 hours in the week were not ready for compliance with institutions.

Finally, the average time of domestic game industry workers’ average work time was 42.7 hours a week, and the ratio exceeded 52 hours per week was 0.9%. Compared to 2019, the average working time is reduced by 3.8 hours, and it is rarely given when the average work time exceeds 52 hours. However, 23.7% of the respondents said that they have experienced ‘crunch mode’, and the average duration was 7.5 days, the longest one-week work time was 52.9 hours, the longest working time lasting at a time was 25.4 hours. NOTE 52 hours of work will be introduced, and we decreased working hours than last year, but short-term crunch mode remains.