Was used as the name Bernd Bettendorf last fall for the first time publicly discussed in connection with the candidacy around the highest office in the German football, it was the most like Oliver Bailiff. I do not know him, the DFB Director for the Academy teams and admitted frankly. Meanwhile, this has of course long since changed, and the signs have compacted that Bettendorf will operate as a top Bailiff’s boss from next spring.

In the vote for DFB president in the upcoming federal March 11, 2022, Frankfurt know Bettendorf, since 2019 president of the Football Association of the Middle Rhine, the representatives of the five regional and 21 national associations behind him — and thus goes into the race against his clear favorite only after current state competitors Peter Peters.

The first big interview after his candidacy Bettendorf has now granted the highest office (print edition on Monday). It explains the 60-year-old, formerly spokesman of the SPD under Chairman Gerhard Schröder, his program for the coming years and takes on various controversial issues position: from the crisis of leadership of the DFB about dealing with World Cup hosts Qatar, its relationship to rival Peters and the controversial multi functionary Dr. Trainer Koch, to the forthcoming delicate negotiations of a new basic treaty between the DFB and DFL, which will take effect from the summer 2023rd

Will bring new ideas: Bernd Bettendorf. Dpa

Devastating appearance

As devastating means Bettendorf the appearance of the DFB leadership especially in times of crisis corona. In an existential for many clubs’ location we saw the climax of the clashes at the head of the association. The image of the DFB has suffered extremely particular at this time. Why am for him a message about anything else: The DFB has dealt too long with yourself We move the football back at the center.

Tries for concrete content Bettendorf at the base: The DFB is called upon to actively help ensure to bring the clubs to a re a greater inflow of assets and employees. And to provide for other dedicated training content, especially in the children’s football, truly nationwide: There is no circular ranges to 24,500 clubs, here we have a more active are, says Bettendorf and wants to introduce the DFB organized workshops and workshops on a regular basis, for which a location determination is made in terms of amateur football.

We need to strengthen the representation of women

Bernd Bettendorf

Not to push urgent issues on the back burner, Bettendorf is a general challenge — also in terms of diversity: We need to strengthen in particular the representation of women in our bodies why I want to propose to parliament the extension of the Bureau a Vice-President, responsible themselves. Should take care of the issues diversity and equality.

Moreover, in the event of his election, he announced the convening of a structure Commission, which deals inter alia with these issues. And: I say clear all: it must not only prepare expert reports, which then disappear! It must give results and lead to changes.

Had expressed to the Women’s Initiative to Katja Kraus and Azimuth Schultz, the frustration was last heard about that new village election was already practically a foregone conclusion that he now wants to go early next year proactively, I have no reservations, but am interested in a serious exchange.

I think that the grants are need to be adapted to the amateurs.

Bernd Bettendorf

Cultural Change Ep4: How can DIRECTOR help?
The credo You have to bring together and not divide should be in any case the style for Bettendorf desired Presidency. My candidacy is an offer for a new way of respect and coexistence, it should and will be a cultural change at the head of the association if the Bundestag should choose me.

(R.) Bernd Bettendorf with the highest office-editors Michael Ebert and Them Müller DPA: talking (l.)

Why Bettendorf wants to emphasize the common positions in the relationship between amateurs and professionals: 50 + 1 rule, Super League, World Cup cycle — in all such fundamental issues are located DFB and DFL agree. New village of the much-touted contrast between professionals and amateurs sometimes seems a little labored.

Also in view of the forthcoming negotiations in 2022 to create a new basic treaty he was optimistic that there are good results that save face for all. Uncomplicated negotiations, the professional representative for the future DFL boss Donate hops may still not set: I do think that the grants are need to be adapted to the amateurs.

In addition, Bettendorf names clear ideas of the distribution of competence between the DFB-Bureau and the management of the economic operations out posted from 1 January in a GmbH & Co. KG: The representatives of the association democratically elected by the Bundestag determine the guidelines and sports policy fundamental questions. I will Eighth striking. The management with your know-how is then responsible for the optimal design and implementation. Michael Ebert / Them Müller I’m Complete interview in the print edition on Monday (or here from Sunday evening in the magazine) read among others: Bettendorf’s attitude for the right handling of WM hosts Qatar, as he stands for a lot of criticized pre-vote of the state associations, why he with his Rivals Peter Peters recently drunk a beer and which is why he is from the charming figure. Do not publicize Trainer Koch.