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A senior representative of Kim Hyssop to strengthen management expertise and global capabilities

Promotion of strengthening global competitiveness through the game industry’s best professionals

MMORPG Professional Games Red Wrap Games said to strengthen management expertise and global competitiveness.

Kim Hyssop is a professional manager who has served as the Creighton CEO through the Meowed Financial Team Leader, the Blue Hall Management Planning (G).

In the early days of the Blue Hall Studio, Grafton has contributed to a global game company, especially, especially to change the mission to the Global business capabilities and development capabilities of Blue Hall, and reorganize the mission to the Creighton to strengthen the independence of each subsidiary. Through the base of the current graffito group has been established.

Red Wrap Games Shin Hymn Gun, said, I am very happy to be able to run the company with the best experts in the industry in a start-up developer, said Red Wrap Games Global Top Level MMORPG based on MMORPG and Global Business Experience I will strengthen the competitiveness that can grow with the game.

Meanwhile, Red Wrap Games completed CO-Pounding investment from global launches with corporate official launch, and the Worldwide K-RPG is aimed at the launch of the new MMORPG During development.