A hacker is a person that uncovers the susceptibilities of a computer system or communication and details system, although the term can additionally be related to a person with innovative understanding of computers and computer networks. Hackers can be encouraged by a crowd of factors, including profit, protest, or by the difficulty. The subculture that has actually been established around hackers commonly refers to computer system underground of computers, yet now it is an open community. Although there are various other uses the word cyberpunk that are not associated with computer system safety and security, they are rarely made use of in the basic context. They are subject to the old dispute of the hacker interpretation on real definition of the term. In this controversy, the term cyberpunk is declared by the developers, who say that someone who breaks in computers is called biscuit, without making differentiation in between computer crooks — blacksmen-and computing specialists — white. Some white hat cyberpunks attest that they additionally are entitled to cyberpunk title, which just the black hat should be called biscuits.

Anyone who likes to be a round of lap, who will have their true pleasure on the game year 2022. Because in the coming months you will really expect some exciting representatives of the shooter genres. Whether Third or First-person perspective, online battles or single player campaign, co-op or PVP — we summarize all the games in this special, which you should not miss the next year.

However, as many titles on our list have no concrete release datum, we will present the sake of simplicity alphabetically.

Table of Contents

1st page 1: Russian Bios hock and Doom clones
1. 1.1Arc Raiders
2. 1.2Tomic Heart
3. 1.3Call of Duty 2022
4. 1.4CrossFirex
5. 1.5CULTIC
6. 1.6destiny 2: the witch king
7. 1.7Earth Defense Force 6
8. 1.8el Pass, Elsewhere
9. 1.9Exophobia
10. 1.10gungrave G.O.R.e.
11. 1.11Shellscreen
12. 1.12i.g.i. Origins
13. 1.13isonzo
14. 1.14Killer Bean
15. 1.15metal: Hell singer
17. 1.17Perfect Dark
2. Page 2-Page 2: Survival MMO Shooter and Rest Spin-Off
1. 2.1pioner
2. 2.2Postal: Brain Damaged
3. 2.3Project warlock 2
4. 2.4 Decrease
5. 2.5Resident evil Re: verses
6. 2.6ripout
7. 2.7s.t.a.l.k.e.r. 2: Heart of Chernobyl
8. 2.8SCATHE
9. 2.9Shadow of Conspiracy: Section 2
10. 2.10Shadow Warrior 3
11. 2.11six Days in Allah
12. 2.12Sker ritual
13. 2.13skin Deep
14. 2.14sol Crest
15. 2.15SPlatoon 3
3rd page 3 page 3: Star Wars and Tom Clancy Tactics
1. 3.1Suplice
2. 3.2star Wars: Hunters
3. 3.3Synced: off-planet
4. 3.4the Cycle: Frontier
5. 3.5the Day Before
6. 3.6iny Tina’s Wonderlands
7. 3.7Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland
8. 3.8Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline
9. 3.9Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction
10. 3.10Tom Clancy’s Defiant
11. 3.11 Warhammer 40,000: Dark Tide
12. 3.12 Warhammer 40,000: Shoots, Blood & Beef
13. 3.13 Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2
14. 3.14Witchfire
4. Page 4Pictures Gallery for Preview Game Year 2022: This new shooter awaits you!

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Arc Raiders

EMBARK Studios | 2022 | PC, PS5, CSX
Arc Raiders is published by former Battlefield developers. Source: EMBARK Studios We open our list of Arc Raiders, which was just completely fresh on the Game Awards and someday will appear 2022 as a free-to-play title. In it, a cooperative third-person shooter awaits you, in which you make a mechanized threat from the ALL. In addition to numerous weapons, different tools and gadgets are available to defend. The whole thing is developed by the EMBARK Studios, a team that exists too large parts of former Battlefield veterans. So know-how is there.

Atomic Heart

Sunfish | PC, PS4, PS5, HBO, CSX
Of many, Atomic Heart is already shivering as a vaporware. In 2022, the developers have the opportunity to silence the doubters. Source: Sunfish Games Talked as Russian Bios hock, Atomic Heart has been in development since a felt eternity. Originally announced in 2017, there is still no official release date after four years. 2022 but at least seems to be realistic. At any rate, we would be pleased to finally play the mix of immersive SIM and ego shooters. The look, the extracted super forces and the unconventional setting in an alternative Soviet Union make you want more.

Call of Duty 2022

Infinity Ward | 2022 | PC, PS4, PS5, HBO, CSX
The well-known Leaker Tom Henderson already confirmed, he had an artwork for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II to face. Source: Activision / Infinity Ward Even if most recently rumors the round made, Activision Wool Call of Duty will not bring on the market annually, we are relatively safe: 2022 we will be able to reckon with a new offshoot of the ego shooter series again. A pair of speculation was the title eventually already: allegedly worked developer Infinity Ward on a continuation of the 2019 modern-warbare reboot. In this, you make with US Special Forces a Colombian drug cartel. It should be significantly more brutal and realistic than in previous parts. Even a kind of moral system is planned according to insiders.


Delegate | FEBRUARY 10, 2022 | HBO, CSX
Crossfire is already a huge hit in Korea, but is to conquer the West 2022. Source: Smile gate Continue with exclusive shooter action for Microsoft consoles. Crossfire actually appears only for Xbox One and Xbox Series. The developers take a little the Halo Infinite approach: there will be an episodic single player campaign for which their numbers have to pay. But also a multiplayer part will be published, which can then be played completely for free. In this, classics such as rule, Deathwatch or bomb separation awaits you.


Jazz Games | TBA | PC
CELTIC is one of many retro shooters who want to ride 2022 the nostalgia wave of Doom. Source: Jazz Games The prelude of CELTIC is a quotation killer: the first thing you do in the game is on it. After that, it will still be quite exciting. Because death is far from the end! Instead, you may believe you after your demise through the ranks of a mysterious cult, who worship a dark entity. Not only a good eye is in demand, even your reflexes are properly put on the test. In classic Doom Manner, you have to shoot, jump, duck and slip through the area. Or you go on again. Anyone who wants to get in advance can lead to Steam a demo.

Destiny 2: the witch king

Bungee | February 22, 2022 | PC, PS4, PS5, HBO, CSX
Destiny 2: The witch king also brings chic new armor and weapons into play. Source: Bungee Destiny 2: The witch king is perhaps no completely new release, but still has a concentrated load of fresh content in stock. The latest expansion of the MMO shooter, which appears on February 22, introduces a new area with Marathon’s throne world, which has its own campaign. In addition, weapons crafting comes into play with the witch king for the first time. So you can tinker personal shooting and provided with mods and shades. At the same time, the grebe type is available.

Earth Defense Force 6

Sandlot | 2022 | PS4, PS5
Anyone who encloses themselves in front of insects should be better kept away from Earth Defense Force 6. Source: D3 Graphic whores now look better for a moment away, because we throw a quick look at Earth Defense Force 6, which will appear sometime 2022. Also, the latest part of the third-person shooter series looks traditionally pretty shit. With muddy textures and minimalist graphics you do not really seem to have arrived so really on the new console generation. But fans will not disturb that. They also get that with EDF 6 exactly that serves what they have tasted for years: fat alien insects and still fetters for whom you make the shot of the grant.

El Paso, Elsewhere

Strange Scaffold | 2022 | PC
El Paso, Elsewhere rocks atmospheric Playstation-1 graphics. Source: Strange Scaffold You still mourn the Max Payne series behind? You have myself again Bock on so really action-yellow shootings with all ourselves SLO-MO effects? Then tell you El Paso, Elsewhere. This sprays through and through the flair of the Remedy classic. In a hotel in which the borders are blurring for reality, you are shooting through the hordes of werewolves and vampires, aromatic by the area and activates the slow motion function in an emergency. All this is rounded off by an atmospheric neo-noir look. Let’s hope that everything plays so well as it looks like in the first trailers.


ARC Attack | April 2022 | PC, PS4, PS5, HBO, CSX, NSW
Enough graphic, crisp gameplay. That’s xenophobia. Source: ARC Attack Retro graphics Vacant FPS gameplay: Also xenophobia is clearly converting to the paths of Doom, Heretic and Co. The only human survivor watches her in a spaceship over lined by alien soldiers and must be the uninvited guests from board escort. In case of doubt also with slightly powerful arguments. In addition to ballers and the upgrade of character and arsenal, however, exploration is also on the plan. Finally, the game world waits with numerous secrets and makes optically something with its colorful pixel artwork.

The Most Anticipated Tactical Shooters of 2021
Gun grave G.O.R.e.

Iggy | 2022 | PC, PS4, PS5, HBO, CSX
Gun grave G.O.R.e. is the full serving madness from the Far East. Source: Iggy Gun grave G.O.R.e. is a stylish third-person person shooter from Korea. This puts you in the role of the antiheroes Grave, which works in a bloody baller ballet through a fictitious criminal syndicate. In doing so, the developers of Iggy are not only aufwitzig grumbles such as Gatling Guns, Akimbo pistols or flame vendors. In the defensive, you may swing a metal coffin, which serves as a shield and melee weapon. The typical madness from the Far East. The is then also moody packed: Gun grave does not save the title Gore. The charged effect thunderstorms bring your eyes to melt.

Hell screen

UK RESISTANT | October 31, 2022 | PC An ego shooter with rearview mirror: Hell screen brings new wind into the genre. Source: UK Resistant Why do racing games actually have a rearview mirror but baller games? This question also asked the developers of UK Resistant and have probably concluded that there is no comprehensible reason for inequality! That’s why your new game Hell screen now also comes with a rearview mirror. This allows you to keep an eye on opponents behind your back and, if necessary, open the fire directly. Otherwise, there is Shooter standard food: a hellish game world full of dark demons and a wide weapon arsenal, with which you are packed in nostalgic Pixel optics.

I.G.I. Origins

Intimate Games | 2022 | PC
Gameplay from IGI Origins did not exist so far, just a chic render trailer Source: Antimatter Games you still remind you of Project I.g.i. and i.g.i. 2: Covert Strike from the early 2000s? No? Also, no problem, because with I.G.I. Origins get their next year a prequel of the two agent shooters. So you do not need any previous knowledge! Historically, it goes back to the year 1980 — the heyday of the Cold War. As a world-class ion, her secret, well-secured research facilities and government buildings infiltrate. The goal: prevent an atomic warning war. It is played from the ego perspective with a series of practical gadgets and soundproof weapons. After all, you do not want to be discovered on your mission.


M2H, Black mill Games | 2022 | PC, PS4, PS5, HBO, CSX
In Alonzo, the new offensive mode awaits you, in which your historic battles looks after. Source: M2H The makers of Verdun and Vandenberg continue their World War II Shooter series in 2022 with a new part: Alonzo. This takes you to the Italian front this time. So you storm about well-known battlefields at the foot of the Alps. A lot of value is placed on authenticity: In addition to the environments and uniforms, the weapons are as a realistic as possible. Accordingly, you can confuse yourself with mortars, grenades, carabiners or bayonets. Alonzo is also very tactically shaped and more what hardcore shooter fans: You have to prepare perfectly and agree with your teammates, otherwise nothing is.

Killer Bean

Killer Bean Studios | 2022 | PC
Jack Bean Alias ​​Killer Bean makes his enemies in his first video game. Source: Killer Bean Studios in 1996 appeared for the first time on the scene for the first time, the Killer Bean has now become a one of the sizes of the internet. An animation movie around the shoot-up Botched was already viewed on YouTube 34 million times. In the coming year, the next logical step follows: an official video game. This is waiting with some exciting ideas, such as an Open World, Roguelike elements and rapid Third-person shootings with Akimbo pistols and acrobatic jumping.
However, it remains to be seen if the developers can really implement everything or killer bean is only a playable meme.

Metal: Hell singer

Metal Hell singer has not only well-known musicians, but with Troy Baker and Jennifer Hale also known synchronizers on board. Source: Fun com / The Outsiders Doom meets Crypt of the Necromancer: So in this way, Metal: Hell singer describe. In the rhythm shooter, you fight through the eight dimensions of hell, heats demons with your fat groping and puts you mighty boss gray — and all the way of music. Only if you shoot with perfect timing, re-charging and dating, builds a point multiplier and turns neatly on the volume control of the metal soundtrack. Incidentally, even members of Trivium, Silkworm and Arch Enemy contributed specially composed pieces.

Neon Beasts

Black star | TBA | PC
Neon Beasts looks like this would introduce Hotline Miami in the EGO view. Source: Black star Rates gameplay, bizarre characters and a story like a neon-soaked 80s fever dream. No, this is not Hotline Miami, but neon beats. However, the similarities of the two shooters are not to be denied. This also continues with the premise: You play a nameless job killer, which is to change a guy called Vincent — and everyone else who stands in the way to your mission. A pretty bloody affair you can already make a picture in a demo. And if you like the ones, then the developers on Kickstarter still let Na few euros there.

Perfect Dark

The Initiative | TBA | PC, HBO, CSX
So far, there is no gameplay material from the new Perfect Dark. Better than the original from the Rare Replay collection it will look safe. Source: Rare / Xbox Game Studios On the Game Awards 2020, the reboot to Perfect Dark was presented for the first time. At present also a little too much said. Because so really concrete info did not exist with the shooter. He should become a reinterpretation of the N64 classic from 2000. Again Agent Joanna Dark is the focus. Responsible is the newly founded Studio The Initiative around Darrell Gallagher, who participated in Crystal Dynamics on Thief and Tomb Raider. The title will probably appear exclusively for PC and Xbox consoles. Only when, that’s the big question. 2022 Currently more like wishful thinking, but you can hope.

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