Always very voluntary in highlighting independent games that abound on its console, Nintendo posted a video mentioning 15 of the most sold independent games on SHOP in 2021.

Indie World: Best-Selling Indie Games of 2021 on Nintendo Switch
In addition to revealing no figures, the list unfortunately lacks context. We do not know if this selection Indie World has been established on the basis of the number of copies sold or sales, or even if it only concerns sales made in the United States or if it takes into account others markets. The list does not hold in any case that the new outputs in 2021, otherwise we would have had the chances of returning games like Among US and Star dew Valley, constantly present in the monthly rankings published by Nintendo.

A double Colorado is essential because we find in this list the narrative adventure game Road 96 (Digital) and the Rogue-like Curse of the Dead Gods (Puss tech Games). The Metroidvania still have the rating, as evidenced by Axiom Verge 2 and Under Lilies, but unpacking also shows that originality is sometimes rewarded. Of course, nostalgia remains a significant asset in the Cyber ​​Shadow platform game, just like the Eastward Pixel Art of Eastward could not go unnoticed. 3D gourmet games are also represented with subnautica and slime rancher. Special mention Finally for Doki Literature Club Plus that proudly represents the Novel Visual genre after having made long talk about it on PC.