NVIDIA announced on January 14, a beta test to be provided at the company’s cloud game service GeForce Now for the iOS / Android version of Fort Knight from next week. The mobile version of this work is currently not provided in both platform app stores, but it seems to be able to play through GeForce Now.

GeForce Now is a cloud game service provided by NVIDIA. The game can be played by executing a PC game on the server side equipped with the GeForce GPU, and exchanging the operation input and the game image between the user’s PC / smartphone / tablet. GeForce Now itself is characterized in that it can work with external digital stores such as Steam and Epic Games stores and can be able to play a response PC game that users purchase and hold in their stores. In Japan, Softbank and AU operate at each plan.

As mentioned earlier, the iOS / Android version of Fort Night is not currently delivered in App Store and Google Play. Developing Source Epic Games in August 2020 was deleted from both platforms as a violation of the terms and conditions by implementing their own settlement systems in this work. EPIC Games claims that the fee for payment system provided by both platforms is too high, and the fee setting is made with each exclusive status. It develops into a trial with Apple and Google two companies, and has continued to fight.

Under such circumstances, the iOS / Android version has been offered through GeForce Now. To be precise, it is a version optimized for touch operation. As for Android version, since there is a mechanism that allows the user to install an application obtained from other than Google Play, the iOS version will be able to play after a long time since the delivery suspension described above. Fort Night has also been provided with the PC version to GeForce Now, but could not be played on iOS.

The iOS version is to access and play GeForce NOW on the web browser Safari, not via the GeForce NOW application. This is due to Apple restrictions, and the title of the title other than Fort Night is the same. Microsoft’s Cloud Game Service Xbox Cloud Gaming is also ransoming to start the iOS version by passing through Safari.

Beta test for GeForce NOW of Mobile Version Fort Night will be implemented for several weeks next week. At the moment, it can not be registered from Japan, but it is expected that it will be able to play in Japan as well as being officially provided. NVIDIA is also clarified that the GeForce Now of the GeForce Now of the game optimized for touch operation is expanded. Working with manufacturers companies, we will promote the touch operation of PC games.