Through its official social networks, Epic Games has finally confirmed the date of implementation of Fortnite patch 19.10. It will be deployed this Tuesday, January 18, after a maintenance period that will start at 10 a.m. The match of the game will also be deactivated from 9:30 a.m.

inclined, officially back

One of the things that caught this announcement was the emoji of city that Epic Games used to announce the patch. Undoubtedly, this is a track that indicates that the chopped floors will return through this chapter 3, on patch 19.10.

Today Early, Donald Mustard, Fortnite’s own creative director, tweeted as a clue.

The SUIT says: In the sun, this has melted. Melted. Melted. Donald Mustard refers here to the ice cubes that kept prisoners to the chopped floors, in the center of the current island.


However, it is difficult to say if the city will be transitable as soon as the update is implemented (that is, around 11 a.m. m. On Tuesday, January 18) or a little later in the week.

As a reminder, data miners also have several potential contents related to this patch 19.10:

  • new giant dinosaurs that can be assembled
  • New Underground Locations Io
  • Grenade launcher

Here again, it is convenient to take tweezers, since Epic Games has not guaranteed these novelties, nor the exact date of their deployments.