PlayStation and Guerrilla Games have published today a new trailer focused on Horizon’s story: Forbidden West, and confirmed to Michelle Jenner as Ally’s Castilian voice for his launch in the domestic market, but it has not been much Less the only news shared by its responsible. In this sense, the participation of Carrie-Anne Moss has been confirmed in the PS5 and PS4 video game.

The Coprotagonist of The Matrix: Resurrections will have the commission to give life to Tilda , a new and mysterious character that saves a special connection with a remote past according to Games Guerrillas in a press release.

For its part, Angela Bassett (Black Panther) has also been confirmed in the role of Regalia, that bets to be one of the great antagonists of Ally’s new adventure. Regalia is someone who moves through hatred , specifically by hatred to the Carla tribe, and is willing to burn the world to get the kind of revenge that she wants, explains McCaw in statements collected by the companions of IGN And she is going to end anyone who stands on her way… from an emotional perspective between Ally and Regalia, she is an unstoppable force and an immovable object.

It will not be the only danger to the players at the Epic Travel of Ally in the West Prohibited. The next chapter in Ally’s history begins on February 18 — first for PS5 and PS4-, where you will face a storm of new threats: an apocalyptic plague, Regalia and its rebels, Sales and its machinations… , Amen from new dangers yet to be discovered, they detail from Guerrilla Games.