The purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft has begun to affect your most direct competitors. After the admission of the acquisition, the actions of Sony recorded a fall in their 7% shares in the New York Stock Exchange that placed its value in a new quarterly minimum. However, the most pronounced blow has come after the opening of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, where the shares of the Japanese company have devalued by 13%, registering a loss of value of more than 20,000 million dollars. As the Bloomberg analysts detail, the price of Sony’s shares had not registered such a pronounced fall since October 2008.

The main concern on the shareholders and the PlayStation fans are revolved around the future exclusive strategy that will put into Microsoft in practice with the intellectual properties acquired along with Activision Blizzard. Taking into account that the sale of games and online services provide Sony 30% of its total benefits as a company, a strategy that moves certain brands from PlayStation could have remarkable economic implications. From Microsoft, messages around your future strategy seem contradictory. In a statement published on his official website, the North American company has noticed not wanting to alien or fracture to the communities of players: The Activision Blizzard games can be enjoyed on a wide variety of platforms, and we want to continue supporting their face communities to the future », we read. However, Microsoft has also made clear its intention to take so many Titles of Activision Blizzard as can Game Pass, what many experts have interpreted as an indicative that Sagas as Call of Duty will have some kind of exclusivity with the subscription platform.

But while Sony’s actions are resent with the purchase, those of Activision Blizzard are dialing historical maximums -During yesterday they brushed a growth of 30% — that seem to certify investor confidence in the purchase and in the future of Its brands and studies.