Sierra is one of the three leaders of Team Go Rocket in which you can fight Pokémon Go. to face it, you have to collect six mysterious rocket runs components on captured poke stops. After receiving them, you can build a rocket radar to refine a leader lair. Here’s what you need to know to fight Sierra.

You must use robust and durable Pokemon when you fight Sierra. You want to use more defensive options with versatile general attacks to constantly fight all the Sierra Pokemon that you throw.

First Pokemon

The first Pokemon you will face against Sierra is steel and psychic type Belgium, which makes it low for dark, fire, ghost and ground types. You have a variety of options for this first, like Outdoor, Dardanian, Ar canine, Ab sol or Magma. You should not have too much trouble fighting the first Sierra option, but make sure you do not bring poison or combat type.

Second Pokemon

Sierra will choose one of the three different Pokemon for the next choice.

  • EXECUTOR, a type Grass and Psychic

Laps, a type of water and ice
Sharped, a type of water and dark type

Your best option is to decide a Pokemon that is electrical or can use electrical type movements to attack Laps and Sharped. They are both weak face with electrical attacks. However, Executor is not weak for Electric. The alternative is to use a Grass type, but Executor is also grass type, not undergoing as much damage to these attacks, and it can easily damage them because of their psychic attacks. You’d better use Jolt eon, Amparo, Magazine, Electable or another of this variety.

Third Pokemon

The next set of three Sierra options includes these choices.

  • Alabama, a psychic type
  • Outdoor, a fire and dark type
  • Shifty, a type Grass and Dark

Your best option would be to find a reliable bug-type Pokemon, like Her across (it’s a Bug and Fighting type, Sister, Pin sir, Es cavalier or Scythe. If you have SYT HER, you can use Bug type movements against Alabama and Shifty, while counting on longer Flying attacks against HOUND OOM. Unfortunately, Outdoor is low for Fighting, Ground, Rock and Water types, so Her across could be better because it can reliably cover the three potential choices.

Whatever the options you choose for each battle, you must make sure that you are considering a stable and reliable defensive type for each battle. It’s an endurance fight with the Sierra Pokemon that brings a lot of health and damage to the table. The more sustainable your choices, the more you can last and arrive at the end of the fight.