Our Active Gaming Media Game Publishing Brand PLAY ISM announced January 23, 3D Action Games Flame Princess . The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). It supports Japanese and plans to release 2023.

Flame Princess is an action game that combines combo action and 3D barrage. The stage is the world where human and magic coexist. In this world, the soul that leaves strong emotions and unlocked intervals in the middle of death changes to the upper magic. The upper elephant has a pile of majestic and polluting surrounding environment. Contaminated organisms change to lower demons that are active only in nature.

The protagonist is the strongest magic payment (Homurahime). Chime, along with the Great Gods, challenge the battle to the world’s threat to the world. The powerful girls have various emotions, and it seems that each story will be revealed in the process of exploring the Princess.

In the trailer published today, it is possible to confirm a Japanese-style visual depicted in an animation and a part of the game system. The speedy swords action is equipped with an aerial combo. It seems that there will be a system that will stop when the enemy attack is avoided immediately before. In addition, while sticking a sword and staying on the wall, far-distance attacks are also delivered. It seems that a stylish battle that makes full use of these actions can be enjoyed. In addition, the armed by the princess is expanded by defeating a girl.

In the video, a girl who is a weapon of the coffin appeared. From the girl’s coffin, a large amount of bullets that fill the screen are released. It seems that there is a rich attack pattern with multiple lasers or covering omissions in sphere bullets. In the boss battle, in addition to the feeling of exhilaration by the swords’ action, it will be possible to taste the different exhilaration that avoids a fierce barrage.

The work of this work is the Indie Game Team CRIMSON DUSK in Taiwan, established in May 2020. Representative SAM has developed a prototype of Hiroshi in a student day. When announced in the contest held in 2018, it was said that the team was established because it gained many support. This work is currently not only action but also to focus on stories and world views to continue development. It is supposed to be affected by Japan’s animation representation, and the visual of a girl who does not see yet is also an interested. Let’s check the future follow-up.


Flame princess is scheduled to be released 2023 at Steam.

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