To enlarge his collection of cards, no choice but to go through the shop. But in yu-gi-oh! Master Duel, these are with gems that you can buy your boosters. However, all that is present in the shop is not good to buy. It is necessary to learn about the different offers before racing itself to not waste the slightest gem. Using a few small tips, you will be able to continue playing and expanding your collection without having to pay any penny.

the profitable plans in the long term

If the majority of the shop is not specially interesting, the special offers are real nuggets. The duel Pass is very profitable for anyone counting a minimum playing, since its price is totally refunded over the levels. The bundles can also make good purchases, especially for the cards put forward. These lots are deals for new players since they make it easy to acquire good cards to start.

  • Indispensable to buy:
    • Duel Pass (Gold) – 600 Gimmes
    • Lot Flowering ash and happy spring – 750 GIMMES
  • Optional but interesting:
    • Lot Selena judgment – 750 Gimmes
    • Lot Flaws storm – 750 Gimmes

Use its gems wisely

Once the indispensable shop is purchased, the many remaining gems of Master Duel can be used for more specific packs. Unfortunately, it is no question of yielding to the purchase of cosmetics, but to take an interest in secret packs. These boosters can get two different ways, but one of them allows you to save your gems. Start by defining the deck you want to play, then create a great or ultra rare allowing to unlock the corresponding pack.

Thanks to that, you will have access to the secret pack of your deck, and will be able to fully spend your gems in it. However, it is recommended to make 3 draws of 1,000 gems at first. By doing this, you can return to your collection and see the missing cards for your deck. If more than 50% of the Deck that can be obtained in the Secret Pack is missing, repeat the prints. Otherwise, complete the Deck by disenchanting the surplus and unnecessary cards.

what to avoid at all costs

Some cards essential to any deck are in no particular package and can only be obtained by creation or Master Pack. These boosters containing 6,750 cards at the equal appearance rate, make draws on it is far too random. It is better to use card species to create what may be missing, or even making draws on a second secret pack that might interest you.

If they are solid foundations for new physical players, the structure decks of the yu-gi-oh shop! Master Duel are losses of gems. The newest of them, new universe contract, could be interesting for obtaining assured of number 39: utopia and pot of avarice . However, it is the only cards truly played from the Deck. It is therefore rarely cost-effective to spend 1,500 gems to get 3 copies of 2 cards that can be created or obtained in other boosters.