The genus real-time strategy (RTS) has become a kind of niche in the landscape of modern game. He always has his fans, but the market has long been underserved. So long, in fact, that some companies have rallied to Frost Giant Studios to change things.

Frost Giant Studios, a group of former Blizzard employees, seeks to change that. It was founded a few years ago, with the explicit purpose of creating an epic title; Something that would honor the inheritance that Star craft and Warcraft left the landscape of the game. In their last round of financing, they managed to pick up $25 million. This has more than doubled their total investments, and now they are sitting at 37 million invested.

Investors here include a number of other game development studios. Riot Games participated, just like the current publishers of Player unknown’s Battlegrounds – Aka Games.

We absolutely want to create the best RTS game possible, a game to which existing fans and the new players will be delighted to play from the first day, said the CEO of Frost Giant to IGN. The Frost Giant team has the chance to learn from our experiences on Star craft and Warcraft, and these experiences suggest new clear directions to Explorer..

Let us think we can do it, and we are committed to our mission because we love the genre and its players. We hope that all those who love RTS as we are delighted to learn more about what we do when we give players a first glimpse of our game later this year..