Rachel Hofstadter Alias ​​Valkyrie is one of the largest and most famous streets and is often referred to as “Queen of YouTube”. The American recently celebrated her 30th birthday – and was stirred for tears on this occasion.

But Currently the streamer makes a break from the, now, just streaming. Whether what has to do with fans who sexualize everything? The 30-year-old certainly has good reasons for the break – but you do not even do it well, on the contrary, It’s terrible with it. Why?

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Currently no more streams

Already about two weeks ago, namely on January 14, 2022, Valkyrie announced their scheduled break from the stream. Since then, there were no live transmission from the 30-year-old .

Nevertheless, she occasionally occurs in streams of friendly streamer and plays various games together with these, for example the ego shooter Valorant.

How is the streamer?

During a session with the streamers Ranee, Muslim and Skunk, Valkyrie was asked, as she is with her streaming break.

“I’m so miserable, I absolutely want to stream. Do you know how very people want exactly what they can not have? […] I have to wait a week,” Rachel explains Hofstadter. “

What happens after the break?

But soon the streaming free time ends for the 30-year-old and there are already plans that games could then be seen in the transfers.

In the stream with their friends she expressed a current great pleasure of GTA 5. But who is actually Valkyrie, and what is the reason for your break from the stream? That’s what you read below.

Why does Valkyrie break?