_ Mortal Kombat 11 _ is one of the best deliveries in the series. This title enjoyed several years of support, a couple of versions, and a high-level commercial success. However, last year it was revealed that Nether realm, the study in charge of the franchise, would stop producing content for this game, with the aim of focusing on its next project. Although many pointed out that it was injustice 3, a recent filtration has pointed out that this mysterious development could be treated mom metal combat 12 .

Did NetherRealm Accidentally Announce Mortal Kombat 12?

Recently, Jonathan Andersen, producer of the series, published a suspicious image, where we can see conceptual art of the original coastal, his sequel, and _injustice 2. However, at the top it can be noted that on the monitor You can read “MK12_MAST…” Together with this, the messages of “Our fans track the Internet in search of any indication of…” and “Be careful with this material”.

This has given rise to the theory that this information was not “filtered” by mistake, but it is a way to insinuate the existence of mom metal Combat 12, but without announcing this project . That is, it is a way to excite the public. Regardless of whether it is a “revelation” deliberate premature or not, Andersen eliminated the photo shortly after sharing it, supporting the idea that this delivery will come in the future.

On related issues, it has been confirmed that a sequel to the most recent film of Mortal Kombat is already under development. Similarly, the characters in this series could reach multiverses.

Editor’s note:

This filtration has a series of details suspiciously clear. While it is possible that the photo if it was an error by the producer of the series, include messages that allude to the tenacity of the Internet at the time of searching information, as well as clearly mk12, it could well indicate that the official revelation of this game is Only a couple of months away.