Christian Günter was served. His 100th Bundesliga game in a row in the starting Freiburg Captain would have liked to celebrate with a victory. Instead, it sat down a 0: 1 defeat in Cologne. The 28-year-old was at the Microphone of “Sky”, his team had earned the “compensation in any case”.

The rejuvenated compensation was also fallen in the 51st minute after preliminary work by Günter by Roland Sallai – supposedly. Because according to VaR review referee Felix Brych conceded the hit again. The reason: The outstanding Nico Schlotterbeck was in the firing lane and thus in the field of view of Cologne’s final man Marvin Schwäbe.

Speed ​​and incredible left foot. This is Christian Günter

I tell it so, with a bit of sarcasm: he hinders the goalkeeper incredible.

Christian Günter about the VaR decision

A decision that Günter could not quite understand. “Jesus Maria”, says his versatile reaction, after seen the scene again on the screen. “I’ll tell it so, with little sarcasm: he hinders the goalkeeper incredible,” said the left-back with an unbelieving smile. “And I do not say more.”

So without further comment, Günter did not come out. “I do not know how the goalkeeper should hold the ball,” the captain made clear and pointed to the beaper, who was at the end of Sallai – regardless of Schlotterbeck’s movement – anyway on the way to the other corner. “He just runs away, does not touch the ball.” So it’s finally just “bitter”.

Whether the Freiburger is unfairly treated? “As I said,” says Günter sober, “I think I’m doing quite well if I’m not saying”. And there is the 28-year-old then really.