There is currently no other game around which so many released rumors tend to be about Hogwarts Legacy . This is not even surprising, because Publisher Warner Bros. sticks back to the new wizard RPG.

Developer Avalanche promised news for the game in 2022, but there is also radio silence so far. So it’s not surprising that in recent months rumors over possible release dates flared up or new trailers for various PlayStation Events were predicted.

According to current rumors, a release of Harry Potter Game is expected in the third quarter this year. In addition, a new trailer should be published soon.

The previous rumors

Finally, the rumor circulated that Hogwarts Legacy should only appear in 2023 and thus two years after the actually planned release. Publisher Warner Bros. Dementing this in several cases.

On the one hand, they published a list of plays appearing in 2022, in which the action roleplay was listed. On the other hand, the game was also listed on the website of Wizarding World with all the major Harry Potter events this year.

Warner Bros. So seems to be good things and makes the fans expect a release still in 2022 . But when will the Harry Potter game be published?

When does Hogwarts Legacy appear?

The well-known Twitter leader “Accountngt” suspects a publication of Hogwarts Legacy in September 2022 . Furthermore, a new trailer is predicted.

New trailer for the wizard RPG

Hogwarts Legacy - Official Reveal Trailer | PS5

Because since the revelation trailer to Hogwarts Legacy has already passed some time. The new trailer should focus on the skills , the players can gain on their journey in the magical Wizarding World. This is expected to be shown on a PlayStation event in February or March . Hogwarts Legacy will be available on its publication for the PC, the PS4 & PS5 , as well as for the Xbox One & Xbox Series X | S .