Also on the PS4 Pro, Horizon Forbidden West looks truly biting out.

We have no longer expected Guerrilla Games and Sony Horizon Forbidden West. Now, however, there is certainty that the Open World Game on 18 February for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 will be released, so today you may start your journey today in the forbidden west of the North American continent. Guerrilla has reported that the title reaches the gold status and thus can start the production of the disc variant.

That alone is good news, but it’s even better: The makers also published Gameplay by Horizon Forbidden West, which was recorded on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Three short clips demonstrate how well the game looks on the stronger variant of the PS4. The beginning makes a tour of pure harm, the settlement of the Utaru tribe. He has built his buildings partly on radar bowls, which sounds really good in the artistic point of view alone.

The other two are clearly more actionable. In the following, Aloy fights against a climbing jaw, a particularly agile machine.

Horizon Forbidden West | PS4 Pro Gameplay: Clamberjaws | PS4 Pro

The third video shows the mandrels in action that have already been seen in the Announcement Trailer to Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West promises how the predecessor is a graphically opulent adventure in a very special kind of postalapalkalypse. We can not wait to explore new areas with Aloy and hunt for mechanical engineering, which we have not met in the predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn yet.

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