Personal developer FYQD-STUDIO develops development, time transcendy action FPS Bright Memory: Infinite ” responsible for PLAYISM was conducted by the New Year update.

This work was a successor of the “Bright Memory”, and the main character Sia belonging to the Ultra-Natural Scientific Research Organization (SRO) affiliated with the Ultra-Natural Science Research Organization (SRO) is a high-speed stylish action FPS that defeats the enemy and the enemy.

In this update, adding decorations to the main menu, add new enemies and boss new attack methods, optimization of game operation, adjustment of damage amount, and other detailed parts, etc. It was called (please check here for details).

Also, according to the Chinese New Year Sale, a new DLC “ China Dress (New Year) ” and “ Chinese Dress (Blue Flower ” for free delivery for free delivery. New Chinese dress skins and new skins of various weapons are set.

Bikini Shelia DLC Skin Showcase | Bright Memory Infinite PC
“Bright Memory: Infinite”, which can enjoy the dusty play with the past and the future, is delivered by steam / for PC (Windows). In the future, we will deliver for Xbox Series X / S.