If you followed some news, you should know that Microsoft has you tons of studies and projects everywhere , as evidenced by the acquisition of Bethesda and Activision Blizzard. One of its goals is to fill your subscription, Xbox Game Pass as much as possible. However, not all licenses are at your fingertips. contractual details and the exact amounts are unknown, but Microsoft certainly must pay amounts sufficient to studies and to convince publishers to add their games to the GamePass, since all these are lost sales. Given the great success of Monster Hunter World, which exceeded 20 million units sold, this would be too expensive.

A game Monster Hunter style for Microsoft?

Over the years, different games have tried to compete with him, as Dauntless, but without achieving their success so far. Therefore, it would not be surprising that Microsoft tried to develop its own game in the same genre. And so would; The information comes from Jeff Grubb, in the GrubbSnax program, and information have been verified by specialists with their own internal sources such as Windowscentral.

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Called for now “Project Suerte” , waiting to find a commercial title, the game would be inspired by Monster Hunter even described as a clone of the license. Therefore, this involves fighting giant monsters in single player or in small groups in multiplayer mode. According to reports, the game is being developed by Certain Affinity, which has served as study support titles like Halo and Call of Duty in the past.

The development would have begun in the summer of 2020. The official announcement of the game is currently scheduled for 2023, with a launch in 2024 . This obviously without any delays, especially in these troubled times. In the words of Jeff Grubb, the goal is to offer more variety in the games available in Game Pass. It is said that Microsoft is aware of the appeal of the genre and its potential for long-term growth.

For fans of Monster Hunter license, it is is definitely a very good news for several reasons . The first, which is the most obvious, is that it can appear a huge competitor who can deal with Capcom games. Never just too many good games to play (and never enough time). The second is that competition can only benefit the license.

Have a serious competitor can motivate Capcom not rest on their laurels after World and Rise, and find it better to preserve their share of the pie. Developers Certain Affinity may also have new ideas , of which could draw Monster Hunter. It is not uncommon competing licenses borrowed some ideas from others, to the delight of the players if they are good.