[Cookie Run: Kingdom “and ‘Cookie Run: Oven Break’, Devs Sisters has achieved the maximum performance of the Changsha.

Devs Sisters (Representative Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Jong-il) has been disclosed in 14 days achieved by W369.3bn, operating profit of W369.3bn, operating profit of W56.3bn, and net profit of W49.6bn. Sales increased by 424% YoY, and operating profit and net profit were successful in surplus.

This achievement has been popular since the launch of the formal in January last year, of course, as well as a popular cookie run: Kuki Run: Oven brake was towed on the sixth year based on Kingdom and stable service.

Especially, the cookie run: Kingdom has recently exceeded the global cumulative sales of 300 billion won and the number of cumulative users, and is maintained by 700 to 8 million MAUs (monthly active users).

The fourth quarter of the quarterly earnings recorded sales of W1.11bn, operating profit of W5.4bn, and net profit of W7bn. Cookie Run on October: Focusing on the US campaign in the US campaign in Kingdom, the overseas user entry increases and sales increased by 51% on the same quarter.

On the other hand, due to increased cost ratio due to increased development workforce, marketing costs for marketing costs, such as management performance according to development of development, management performance, marketing costs for overseas markets, and other costs due to purchase of overseas market,

This year Devs Sisters continues to run for new IP, along with the expansion of cookie run IP. First, Cookie Runs: We are promoting the kingdom of the kingdom in the second quarter. Both companies have currently returned to the highest preparation of language support and the overall preparation associated with language support, focusing on language support, and entered the protection of the voice content.

It also designs a local campaign strategy and a detailed plan for 24 European countries and has been working on work to enhance the possibility of box office. At the same time, we will continue to pay attention to the response to China.

In addition, the company is pouring into the optimization of system for simultaneous and PC and console platform simultaneous response to improve the completeness of the pitching game ‘Safe House (Gaseous “, aiming for the release of the” Safe House (Gaseous).

In addition, Cookie Run IP-based ▲ Real-time Battle Arena ‘Cookie Run: Oven Mash’ ▲ Mobile Puzzle Adventure ‘Cookie Run: Witch’s (Gaseous)’ ▲ Mobile Casual Cooperative Action ‘Project B (Gaseous)’ and ▲ Based on new IP Project development such as mobile construction simulation ‘Brick City’ is underway.

Devsisters gave me a LIMITED BUILDING (Real Box Opening) ????

On the other hand, Devs Sisters has opened the board of directors and resolved the first cash dividend as part of its shareholder value improvement and earnings reduction. Cash dividends per week are 500 won and dividend will be paid on April 25th.

Devs Sisters said, “2021, Cookie Run: The Kingdom of Corporation was a Chinese, qualitative growth of the company,” he said, “This year,” this year, We will accelerate the expansion of the abrasive, such as diversifying the revenue portfolio. “