How to Get Steam Games for FREE | JANUARY 2021
We all know: Small gaming developers appreciate any support they can get to continue to produce unusual titles away from the AAA mainstream. But even the Indie world now runs over new games and even with the narrow prices, this is very nice in the long run.

So it’s a nice change when you get an interesting title completely free of charge. Of course, Valve is aware of that, which is why you donate on the in-house gaming platform Steam from time to time. Still until tomorrow, the 16th of February at 4 pm you will receive currently Dear Esther: Landmark Edition.

What awaits you at Dear Esther: Landmark Edition?

With its original release 2012 Dear Esther was a real hit for its size and the then sector location: more than 250,000 times the Indie-Pearl had already sold within a few months after release. Dear Esther is not only the remake of a popular helped Life 2-mod, but also one of the first major walking simulators.

Actually, you do not need to expect a playful fireworks at Dear Esther. The story around an island, on which a mysterious hermit has lived, will tell you about the off of the off, so the whole thing is almost an audiobook, where you can watch the island.

While the game in 2012 graphically highlighted everything from the source engine, in 2017 with the Landmark Edition on the Unity Engine has relocated to players offer a contemporary graphic. Just those Landmark Edition gets you on Steam until tomorrow 4 pm completely free and the touching story and the atmospheric setting are definitely worth the few hours stay.

By the way, behind Dear Esther is the developer studio The Chinese Room , which had meanwhile also produced Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. The most recent project of the team is called Little Orpheus and originally appeared for Apple Arcade. On the 1st of March it creates the sidescroller adventure but also on the PC and consoles.

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