Dness of the dragon 4 began to develop in 2015, but we have only seen two advances, none of which has shown anything of the game. And since December 2020, we have not seen the game at all, nor have we heard anything substantial about it. Unfortunately, we still do not have an important official game update, but we have an important non-official update. The update arrives on the path of privileged information and the filtration of the industry. Jeff Grubby Unlike almost all the previous reports on the game and its problematic development, there is finally good news.

According to Grubb, after a series of setbacks, the development of the game is in good shape and reaches all the milestones, which indicates a fluid development. In addition to this, Grubb transmits the news that the game could be launched at the end of 2023, however, this is as soon as it will come. In other words, there is a possibility that it will be delayed up to 2024.

Unfortunately, this is the scope of the report. It is not known when the game will resurface and when the fan’s fans will have their first look suitable for the game. That said, if it will be launched next year, the expectation would be that the game resurfaces at some point this year with a new trailer.

Dragon 4_ Officially does not have a launch date or a launch window, nor is there news of platforms, but the expectation is that it is developing for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and possibly PS4 and Xbox One as well. For more coverage on the dragon 4_ and everything related to games, including not only the latest news, but also the latest rumors, leaks and speculation, click here.

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