Players get access to their fortress after passing the eastern Lometer. Here they can use new mechanics, such as buildings, research and more. In their Stronghold there is also a level that can make players think about what it is needed.

Increasing the level of your fortress in Lost Ark gives you access to more research. . Research is how players can get new objects and improve old, study new craft recipes and much more. The level of their fortress can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen. At the bottom of the screen, there is also a scale of Stronghold experience.

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How to raise the level of your fortress in Lost Ark

To raise your fortress in Lost Ark, you will need to perform tasks . It can be Study of things, construction construction or implementation of dispatch missions . Any task for which you take will tell you how much experience is rewarding.

Increasing the level of your fortress is crucial for its promotion. New research parameters allow you to improve your crafts, mission and much more. So as the level increases, you can do more with your fortress.

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