At the price campaign “TV Giants” can be purchased at MediaMarkt and Saturn Top TVs as the popular LG OLED or Samsung QLED TV – too much reduced prices and sizes from 75 inches (189 cm screen diagonal). The warehouses want to be emptied for the next model generation and these TV giants just take a lot of space away. The biggest TVs of the price action have a whopping 86 inches, which are 217 cm! With the giant TVs of LG, Samsung and Sony are also models with game fans so popular 120 Hz image repeat rate – perfect for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. We present some highlights of the “TV Giant” outlook.

Table of contents

  1. What does the “TV giant” prize-prize campaign at MediaMarkt / Saturn

1.1. How long does the TV action run?

  1. TV Giants: Top TVs from LG, Samsung & Sony in sale

2.1. Selected highlights of the TV price action at MediaMarkt and Saturn

  1. How big should my new TV be?

  2. What distinguishes Samsung Qled TV?

  3. LG OLED: Better or worse than Samsung QLED technology?

What offers the “TV Giants” prize campaign at MediaMarkt / Saturn

QLED vs. OLED | Samsung QN90A Neo QLED vs. LG C1 OLED
With “TV giants” my media market and Saturn not Thomas Gottschalk or Stefan Raab, but giant TV from 75 inches like LG OLED or Samsung Qled. This can be ordered as part of the price campaign with a 10% discount on the – often reduced price – reported purchase price. Important: All those who want to buy a TV from the action will receive the 10% discount deducted in the shopping cart, where you can see the price actually payable.

How long does the TV action run?

The action “TV Giants”, with TVs from 75 inches such as LG OLED or Samsung Qled at greatly reduced prices, has been running since 18.02., 9 o’clock both at Mediamarkt and Saturn. Until 28.02. At 23:59 o’clock you can buy a TV with a 10% discount., which belongs to the action assortment – but only as long as stocks last.

TV Giants: Top TVs from LG, Samsung & Sony on sale

LG OLED TVs like the CX9LA 77 inch TV are currently available at MediaMarkt / Saturn. Source: LG / Saturn

LG OLED TV, Samsung Qled, LG Nanocell – Who should look through with these experts? We, because that’s our job. We’ll take a small ranking: LG OLED and Samsung Neo Qled are the spearhead, you have the best technology (details see below). Then Samsung Qled comes – that’s the predecessor of Samsung Neo Qled. Samsung LED and LG Nanocell LCD and Sony LED are also comparable. Overall, you can say, no matter which TV you buy from us, you do not do something wrong with any of the models. There are all the best to very good TVs. We have clicked through the offers and put together some top equipment at great prices. The TVs are available at MediaMarkt as well as Saturn as part of the action at the same price. Of course, only as long as stocks last. It was again said: The 10% discount will be deducted only in the shopping cart and only there you can see the actually payable price.

TV giants: Giant TV for action prices at MediaMarkt

Selected highlights of the TV price action at Mediamarkt and Saturn

  • LG LCD TV 75 inch 4K UHD 60Hz for 899,99 Euro (~~ 1.599 € ~~)
  • LG LCD TV 86 inch 4K UHD 100Hz for 1,331,10 Euro (~~ 2.499 € ~~)
  • LG Nanocell LCD TV 75 inch 4K UHD 120Hz for 1,439.10 Euro (~~ 2.899 € ~~)
  • LG Nanocell LCD TV 86 inch 4K UHD 120Hz for 2,609,10 Euro (~~ 4.299 € ~~)
  • LG OLED TV 77 inch 4K UHD 120Hz for 2,799,10 Euro (~~ 6.999 € ~~)

  • Samsung LED TV 75 inch 4K UHD 60Hz for 863,10 Euro (~~ 1.599 € ~~)
  • Samsung LED TV 85 inch 4K UHD 60Hz for 1,349,10 Euro (2,099 €)
  • Samsung Qled TV 85 inch 4K UHD 60Hz for 2,069,10 Euro (~~ 2.999 € ~~)
  • Samsung Neo Qled TV 75 inch 4K UHD 120Hz for 2,186,10 Euro (~~ 3.299 € ~~)
  • Samsung Neo Qled TV 85 inch 4K UHD 120Hz for 3,329,10 Euro (~~ 4.249 € ~~)
  • Sony LED TV 75 inch 4K UHD 100Hz for 2,105,10 Euro (~~ 2.999 € ~~)
  • SONY LED TV 85 inch 4K UHD 100Hz for 2,114,10 Euro (~~ 3.099 € ~~)

TV giants: Giant TV for action prices at Saturn

How big should my new TV be?

The right distance to the TV – what should be considered? Source: Mediamarkt

The perfect distance between TV and sofa is another one today than before. Reasons are of course modern display technologies – tube was yesterday – but above all the higher image resolution. All Giant TVs of the “TV Giant” prize in MediaMarkt / Saturn have cracked 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). So that the high resolution also comes to validity, the TV set should not be too small and the seat distance is not too big. The following fist formula has established: screen diagonal (in cm) x 1.5. With a 75-inch TV with 183 cm as the Samsung GQ75N95A neo QLED, that would be a seat distance of 275 cm, ie just under three meters. Of course you have to note that on its 4K TV usually not only 4K material looks at, but also films or TV broadcasts in HD or even SD resolution. As a flat-rate as hoped for can be the question “How big should my new TV be” not answering. More about this topic is available on this good info page on

What distinguishes Samsung Qled TV?

With 1,000 euros prize savings, there is the Samsung Qled TV GQ85Q60AAI with 86 inches (215 cm) screen diagonal at MediaMarkt / Saturn. Source: Amazon

Samsung’s self-developed QLED is an LCD technology for televisions and monitors set to quantum items. It is used for TV devices with HDR technology and can also be found in some devices of the “TV Giant” prize campaign at MediaMarkt / Saturn. From QLED technology, a larger color palette result and greater maximum brightness **** than conventional LCD TVs. This is achieved by another layer, or by an additional rail of nanocrystallic points of different sizes. The lights up when the LED backlight meets you. Samsung QLED TVs offer Quantum HDR and a native refresh rate of 120Hz. Thus, these televisions are also suitable for gaming on PC as well as modern consoles like PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, such as the huge 85-inch TV Samsung GQ85QN85A Neo Qled from the Giant TV action. The further development Samsung Neo QLED sets a mini-LED backlight that uses tens of thousands of tiny LEDs. This results in a more precise brightness control and ultimately a further optimized image quality. Both Samsung giant TV with QLED and Neo-QLED technology can be purchased as part of the TV price campaign at Media Market and Saturn at greatly reduced prices.

LG OLED: Better or worse than Samsung QLED technology?

Who buy both a cheap LG OLED TV as well as price-reduced Samsung (Neo) Qled TV can order, as in the context of the “TV giant” prize campaign who asks now asks: “What should I buy, which technology is better?” And something deeper wants to immerse yourself in matter, we recommend a QLED vs. OLED comparative test of PCGH, where many exciting backgrounds will convey to the two technologies. There is also a video (see above).

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