President Choi, Tae Won SK Group, chairman of SK Telecom Unseeing, chairman of SK Telecom.

SK Innovation and SK Hynix, it is a member of the executive and board of directors, which means that it will be an ai-compilation, and SK Telecom, which promotes innovation to AI Company.

According to the business, Choi, chairman, who pondered SK Telecom’s presidency, and I took a consensus that I met with the company’s board of directors, and I took a consensus that I can help SK Telecom’s growth, and I took a untreetle.

Choi said, “Innovation in Global AI Company is a challenge,” he said.

It is a place to attend SK Telecom as a place to make fundamental innovations throughout the Group ICT business. In other words, SK Telecom will succeed in AI innovation, and the ‘deep-handed’, which has been emphasized by Choi, chairman, will be achieved.

SK Group officials have successfully expanded the business area as a semiconductor, and SK subsidiaries have been successful in expanding business areas as battery, bio, hydrogen, and after expanding our business areas as semiconductors. ” When supporting innovation in the industry, SK Telecom, as well as the innovation of the SK Group could be accelerated, “he said.

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Even after the ministry of President SK Telecom, SK Telecom’s daily management activities are based on the leading management of the executive, which is a professional management person, and the main decisions will be held around the Chairman of the Kim Yong-kwon.

“The President of SK Group said,” President Choi, Won-won will contribute to the actual innovation by using the Vision and Rich Global Network, and the strong propulsion, using the strong propulsion, and will contribute to actual innovation. “