Elden Ring, the new title of From Software, appears in a few days. As it is with games of the developer studio so, so far, there is not too much information about the actual world of the game. Which bosse will it give everything? What exactly is the story of the game? Which objects provide important indications to solve the mysteries of the world?

Watch This Before you Play Elden Ring!

FROM Software does not want spoilers to elden ring

For many players, this is discovering and exploring a from-software world one of the main reasons why you play a title at all. Of course it would not be too nice if you would first find a spoiler about bosses, crashes, or the like on the internet.

The developers of From Software probably see the same as today, because today, on February 21, 2022, the official Elden-Ring-Twitter account shared a request for the developer. Players from Elden Ring should not share spoilers for the new title so that at the right release on February 25, everyone can experience the game for themselves.

It will probably not be avoiding that spoilers zu Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.98 € / 50.99 €) make the round. At the latest, when the game has been published, many players want to share their experiences online. After all the waiting time and silence around the title, it would probably be a shame if the mysteries of the history written by George RR Martin would be spoiled.

When does Elden Ring appear?

As already mentioned, Elden Ring appears on February 25, 2022. Meanwhile, we even know the exact time to which the game is published. A pre-download will also be available for 48 hours before the right release, so you can get started with the game directly on Friday without a large download phase.

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