Attempts to bring civilization back to the world of The Walking Dead, there were many. But so far they have all failed. The Commonwealth, with which the survivors of Alexandria has officially contacted in the past episode, seems to be different – that can be made of Season 11 Episode 10 by The Walking Dead…

Relationship, at least the impression that some members of the group have by Daryl, who decided to draw into the Commonwealth. Daryl and Rosita now belong to the security forces in training, Connie works as a reporter and Carol is baker. Magda, however, has it to tie the lower end – it is now operation.

The Walking Dead 11x10 Opening Scene Season 11 Episode 10 [HD]

The Walking Dead: Carol has a new job. Source: AMC / Disney The community is currently preparing for Halloween, which is celebrated as a big party. And even Judith has found a new girlfriend and for the first time the option for a proper childhood. So everything in lot? Not really, because of course, not everything in the Commonwealth is not all gold, which shines.

Because it quickly becomes clear to the parties that the Commonwealth is divided into a strict class society and the upper ones do everything so that it remains. Example Daryl: The must complete a zombie combat training together with Sebastian Milton. When Daryl made of louder frustration about Sebastians inefficiency kills one of the zombies, the up – and Commonwealth soldier chief Mercer makes it clear clearly that in case of doubt Sebastian is higher in ranking.

Eve of the revolution

It is also visible to the mask ball, the Pamela Milton organized for the evening. Not only that the ball is intended exclusively for the top layer of the Commonwealth, also eating and drinking should be high quality. This lines Carol to make a deal with Lance Hornsby, Pamela’s deputy. She worriedly worried wine bottles and kills a few zombies – ezekiel gets an appointment as soon as possible to remove its cancer surgically. Without the bribery, it would probably have been too late for him.

The Walking Dead: Pamela Milton opens your ball. Source: AMC / Disney and elsewhere shows that the Commonwealth is much corrupt and backward as intended: When a man at the ball takes a hostage and requires equality for the workers pursued, persecuted Daryl and finally puts it. Tyler, as the ex-soldier means, has lost everything when a prisoner has knocked him down and now does not know how to put his family. Daryl still creates handcuffs and passes him to Sebastian Milton, so that it can harvest the recognition.

The fact that Tyler’s words were not only shown by the uprising, Rosita discovers a little later than she and a few other soldiers of the Commonwealth Tyler’s Apartment and finds leaflets in which the elite is called for the uprising. “New Haunts” prepares the basics for the final conflict of The Walking Dead and now you can be curious: Anyone who works out of the group of survivors at the end for the Commonwealth and who closes the resistance?

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