“First of all, I’m very glad that the Schalker has shown there attitude. I hope that they continue continues,” said the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the German Football League (DFL) to the current sports studio of ZDF and said that this is consistently only in it could, “that you finish this sponsoring”.

Should it come, but that would also mean a significant financial burden for S04. If it goes to BVB boss Watzke, then you should not leave the royal blue in this case al1. “If the solidarity of the other clubs in Germany are needed to make them reasonably well out of this situation, then we have to discuss how we can handle it.”

Watzke and Schröder call

On Sunday, a phone call between Watzke and Schalke’s CEO took place Bernd Schröder. “It was a good conversation. We say nothing for the time being, we ask for patience,” said the Gelsenkirchen.

Schalke had announced after the Russian attack on Ukraine, no longer with the lettering of the main sponsor. In the game at Karlsruher SC on Saturday (1: 1), the royal blue traditional strikers wore without the name Gazprom.

Germany's best football academy
With the Russian energy company, the Gelsenkirchener’s mandrels have a contract until 2025, which is currently incorporating two annual revenues of nine million euros in Liga – in the case of a Bundesliga rise, the sum would probably rise to 15 million euros.