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FC Schalke 04 extended with national player

With the beginning of the final season phase, the FC Schalke 04 can proclaim another personality decision in the professional cider: midfielder blendi orrizi has extended his contract prematurely for another year and thus carries the royal blue jersey until 2024.

“Blendi has taken out an excellent development here on Schalke,” emphasizes personality decisions director Rouven Schröder. “About his work in the U23, he has already recommended himself in the 1st Bundesliga for professional operations and gathered in a difficult phase of the club’s important experience, from which he now benefits. He is an important building block in this season by his good performances this season The team became. As a club, we look forward to establishing a player from the kneldschmiede at the professionals again and continues with us. “

Faith & Teamwork - Royal Blue #2 - #S04MiracleRun
According to his missions for the Kosovar national team, Blendi Idrizi returned to the Ruhr area this week and also glad about his contract extension. “The club has given me a lot of trust in the past few months and given me the opportunity to create the leap from the Regionalliga into the 2nd Bundesliga. For this I am very grateful and would like to do everything in the coming years, Schalke 04 again in the To establish the House. “

The native Bonn played in his youth among others for the Bonn SC and the 1st FC Cologne. After stations at BW Friesdorf, Alemannia Aachen and Fortuna Cologne, Idrizi 2020 moved to Königsblaue U23. After convincing services in the Regionalliga, the 23-year-old in May last year in the Bundesliga debuted and achieved his first profitor a week later. It followed his first commitment to the Kosovar national team, for which he completed four international matches so far. In the current season, Idrizi comes to currently 17 assignments in the 2nd Bundesliga, in which he scored a goal.

Samurais roadside katanakami Korean version launched today

Arc SystemWorks Asia’s branch is SPIKE CHUNSOFT CO., SPIKE CHUNSOFT Co., Ltd. The Korean version of the RPG, “The Law of the Samurai, Katanakami (Katana Kami), and the Korean Panel was released today (31 days) today with PLAYSTATION®4 and NINTENDO SWITCH ™ packages and download specifications Announced, and released information about the event that is held in commemoration of the release.

[20/20] KATANA KAMI A Way of the Samurai Story Full Walkthrough Part 20 True Ending + New Challenge

“The roadside katanakami of Samurai” is a samurai, as a man, while making a blacksmith, with a festival to fight against other world, The latest work to enjoy the slash.

The player is a series of cycles in a series of cycles that collect the knife and material every time the newly changed automatic generated dungeon, You will be done.

More information on the Korean Panel of the Korean Panel of the Korean Panel is available on the Korean version of the Ark SystemWorks Asia Branch homepage and official blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

[April New] How about Star Wars Series Jungjae

What do you play this month? Video, a new collection to see with the table
[April] New Information]

▶ 4/1 Terror Bane TERRORBANE
Steam / NSW
Korean Unknown

Lee Jung-jae And Stephen Send Leo A Selfie, Take The Dalgona Candy Challenge From

▶ 4/1 Tropico 6 – Next Generation Edition Tropico 6 – Next Gen Edition
PS5 / XSX | s
PS5 English Support

▶ 4/5 Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
Steam / PS4, PS5 / XBO, XSX | S / NSW
Korean language support

▶ 4/5 MLB More Show 22 MLB the show 22
PS4, PS5 / XBO, XSX | S / NSW
Korean Unknown

▶ 4/7 Gat Paul Ultimate Edition GoDFALL Ultimate Edition
Steam / XBO, XSX | s
Korean language support

▶ 4/7 Moko X Mokoko x
Steam / XBO / NSW
Korean language support

▶ 4/7 Chinatown Detective Agency CHINATAOWN Detective Agency
Steam / XBO / NSW
Korean Unknown

▶ 4/7 Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition
Steam / PS4 / XBO / NSW
Korean Unknown

▶ 4/8 Happy Rustic Burger Farm HAPY’S HUMBLE BURGER FARM
NSW / Tarathing release
Korean language support

▶ 4/13 Sailing to Has Stone Singapore Voyage to The SUNKEN CITY – HEARTHSTONE
Pc / and / iOS
Korean language support

▶ 4/14 13 Cavalry Defense 13 Sentinels: AEGIS RIM
NSW / Tarathing release
Korean language support

▶ 4/14 Defend Dear Look Defend the Rook
NSW / Tarathing release
Korean language support

▶ Lord of the Ring of the Ring: The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War
Korean language support

▶ 4/14 Cat Cafe Manager Cat Cafe Manager
Steam / Epic / NSW
Korean language support

▶ 4/14 Taito Milestone Taito Milestones
Korean language support

These are the 3 cost-free ps plus video games to download in April at PlayStation 5 as well as PS4

PlayStation has actually confirmed today the three computer game available to download this April with the subscription of PS Plus. And also there have actually been not a surprises, they are exactly the 3 filteringed system titles on Tuesday: Hood: Outlaws and Legends, Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated and Slay The Spire.

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - PS5 & PS4 - April 2022
There are still several days to discover the March games Hood: Outlaws and Legends was released on the market in the initial fifty percent of 2021, suggesting a extreme and fierce computer game of multiplayer attack JCJCE in the medievo, in the That the players need to combat each various other relocating with stealth to steal excellent prizes. SPONGEBOB SQUARPANTS: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated is a remastery of the title of action as well as adventure starring Spongebob, Patricio and other personalities from the Nickelodeon series , with boosted graphics, new multiplayer setting and also extra contents. Slay The Spire invites gamers to develop an one-of-a-kind card deck at a roguelike proposal complete of unusual animals ** as well as antiques of tremendous power.

In Spain, players have a fourth video game to show up emerged within ps abilities. It is the first chapter of Twogether: Task Indigos, which causes gamers to Hexacells, a laboratory that checks out clandestinely with kids that have mythological powers, in a journey filled with problems .

Last opportunity for March Gamings

PlayStation Plus has actually been a lead character this week by its merging with PS Now, offering method from June to a brand-new three-level registration service. Necessary, the matching of the current PS plus; Bonus, with an additional catalog of 400 games for PS4 as well as PS5; and also Premium, with all the above and also 340 traditional more preceding consoles.

Individuals can download and install these videogames since April 5. Prior to, on day 4, they will leave the ARK solution: Survival Evolved, Team Sonic Competing, Ghostrunner (PS5 just) and Ghost of Tsushima: Legends to your Library of Games, so those interested in providing you an opportunity still have several days of margin. On the other hand, it is commented that person 5 will leave the PS And also collection on May 11.

These are the PS Plus games for April

After an unfortunate filtration yesterday, PlayStation has confirmed what the three titles will be to PS plus in April 2022. As expected, * The information that emerged ahead of time turned out to be true. *

On this occasion, all interested parties can download some of the following three games to your PS4 or PS5 between April 5 and May 2, 2022 . These are:


  • Slay The Spire (PS4)

  • SPONGEBOB SQUARPANTS: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated (PS4)

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - PS5 & PS4 - April 2022
The three options that are presented to us are worthwhile. _ Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated_ is a remake of the classic Thq game that we saw during the time of PS2. SLAY THE SPIRE is a fun indie Roguelike with card elements. Hood Outlaws & Legends is an intense multiplayer with modes for PVP, PVE and PVPVE.

As an additional detail, _ person 5_ will leave PS plus collection of PS5 next May 11 . On the other hand, we remind you that you have until April 4 to download ark: Survival Evolved, Team Sonic Racing, Ghostrunner (PS5) and Ghost of Tsushima: legends. On related topics, these are the Xbox Games with Gold games for April. Similarly, Jim Ryan has pointed out that video game subscription services will not be like Netflix.

Editor’s note:

The selection on this occasion is quite interesting, and fun. From this group, the one who catches me the most is slay the spire, since hood outlaws & legends I’m not interested, and Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated I already platinct it.

Boris Becker knows location of his Wimbledon

The three-time Wimbledon winner Boris Becker no longer knows where his trophies are from the All England Club. That explained the 54-year-old on Tuesday before the jury in the Southwark Crown Court. He would present the trophies “tomorrow” if that was possible, Becker explained against him as part of the process.

According to own information, he sold his real estate to be able to be able to be relieved, from “many” of his trophies and other memories from his career would now also lack some. “For a player, it’s about winning the title. The trophy itself is less important if you play,” Becker said. But today he wishes to have them still in his possession, “to show them to my children”.

To the trophies he should not have handed over as agreed after his bankruptcy 2017, two of his three Wimbledon individual titles as well as his Olympiagold in the double of 1992 and the Trophies of Australia Open of 1991 and 1996.

Articles and videos about the topic
* DTB must ran in Kazakhstan on sand
* Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

LONDON: Ex-Tennis-Star BORIS BECKER vor Gericht - HAFTSTRAFE droht

The process against the Tennisidol has been running for over a week. Becker, who won six Grand Slam tournaments in his sports career, is accused of a lack of cooperation in his insolvency proceedings. At a conviction, the election London threatens up to seven years imprisonment. He rejects the allegations.

Unpacking will arrive at PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 soon

Unpacking, the simulator of making moving that triumphed last year by its particular narrative, will come to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 soon.

Unpacking - Announce Trailer | PS5, PS4

Unpacking originally came out on PC, Switch and Xbox (as part of Xbox Game Pass), and tells the story of a protagonist through the different removals of her life, with the mechanics of unpacking and placing our objects in the new house
At the time, we write that “unpacking is much more than an adorable idea,” talking about the way the game expands its narrative in that particular way.
At the moment, there is no specific date for your arrival in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but the editor, Humble Games, says we can wait for it “soon”.

Akora Games, Mobile SLG Samway Erase One-Store Dictionary Reservation

Ackor Games (ACS Games CO., LTD, representative Lee Cheong) said it was announced on the 30th that it will conduct advance reservations prior to the launch of the new mobile strategy game of its new mobile strategy game, “Saemedami WAR).

This pre-reservation will be conducted on a one-store user, and provides a coupon for a variety of game items such as gem, reserves, and congregational groups that can be used after launch to participant power.

In order to encourage advance reservation participation, it will provide a cultural gift certificate through the lottery after a single-store pre-reservation from the official cafe to April 5, and will reveal the public coupon for 100 people.

‘Three Kingdoms’ is developed as Unreal Engine 4 and boasts overwhelming graphics, with mobile SLG, launched on January 20th, Last January 20, was launched in the Apple App Store.

In particular, after the launch of the domestic formal, Google has entered the top of the top of the top of Google, and it is still in popularity and continues to stay for the 30th and continuously in the past.

This game is unpredictable in the changing weather implemented in colorful graphics, and it is unpredictable to unpredictable combat and can not slow down the tension, and the strategy battle is afraid of enjoying various armed and skills.

Wow: Mausoleum still too heavy? Many more Nerfs to the ID

With the current battles, the mausoleum of the first, the developers have decided for a very clear direction. The bosse should rather be too heavy at the beginning, as that too easy. Because a Nerf is played quickly and feels far less stupid for the games shank, as if various guilds no longer creates a boss that they have previously defeated due to any buffs. Even if there was an exception to the rule with Lihuvim.

And so it was in nature of the thing that we get this time relatively many adjustments in retrospect. The amount of hotfixes with which the eleven bosses in the mausoleum has been generated in the past March weeks, barely more counting. The front bosses are what balancing is in an excellent condition, so that the developers can now devote the back bosses. For the coming ID change, we therefore see again a Batzen Nerfs.

Incidentally, in the course of the great adjustments on Wednesday morning, some classes and playing ways are also braced massively. Everything important about this is here: WOW: Many buffs for different classes.

Nerfs for RAID and other hotfixes in WOW – March 30th 2022

  • Dungeons and battles
    • Tazavesh: Wonderful streets
    • The big menagerie
      • A problem has been fixed, which could not be worked out by the dimensional friction at the beginning of the encounter ‘the Great Menagerie’ in Tazavesh.
    • Mausoleum of the first
    • Skolex, the insatiable robber
      • [With Realm-Restarts] Skolex’s health was reduced by ~ 6% in the difficulty grades ‘mythical’ and ‘heroic’.
    • Dausegne, the fallen oracle
      • [Realm-restarts] Dausegnes health was reduced by ~ 6% in heroic difficulty.
      • [With realm restarts] The vulnerability of disintegration wreath was reduced to 200% in the difficulty grades ‘normal’ and ‘rich tug finder’.
    • Lords of the horror
      • [With Realm-Restarts] Swarm of the darkness and swarm of decay caused by Mal’Ganis’ in the darkness now increases the total damage suffered by 100% and no longer only the skills with a range of effect.
      • Note of developers: When the skills “in the darkness” and “Schwarm” were developed for the lords of horror, the idea was that the horror truths turn into a true swarm and impaired effects such as “flame shock”. However, it has been found that this was very restricted, which classes that can provide the required performance on the difficult levels of difficulty. We make a change in order to update the vulnerability of effective damage to the total damage suffered so that all damage classes can benefit from the phase equally.
    • Rygelon
      • [With realm restarts] The health of the boss was reduced by 5% on the difficulty’s degree of difficulty.
      • [With realm restarts] The damage of stellar decay was reduced by 20% on the difficulty ‘Heroic’.
      • [With realm restarts] The health of unstable quasars has been reduced by approx. 33% on the difficulty’s degree of difficulty.
      • A problem with the description of the magic corrupt wound in the Dungeon Journal has been fixed. The functionality remains unchanged.
    • The Chairman
      • An error has been fixed in the magic description of redirected sign of life, which led to the wrong amount of healing was displayed. It is now displayed correctly that it heals 2% per ticket.
  • Zereth mortis
    • The jewelry of pure innovation resbawn now faster.
  • Objects and rewards

* The optional reagent place for the legendary craft can now be unlocked by completing the Campaign Quest Crown of the Willen.
* Players must now be located on the floor to activate the personal contamination trap toy.

QWK Challenger MK3 AEG: the AWAKENED NERF Stampede w/ Select Fire!
* The magic strip of certified warrant can now be interrupted by the movement of the character.
* Chest with received treasures is now starting with the selection of weapons that you can browse short before the cooldown has expired.
* Eternal Aegis of Cosmic Gladiator \ – It has been fixed a problem that could lead to the absorbent sign large individual attacks that exceed the remaining absorption amount incorrectly absorbed completely.
* Achievements
* Characters in which a mistake occurred, who prevented the achievement “glorious” could be earned, should now earn the achievement correctly when logging in when they have 80 glory levels.
* Pet struggles
* In Zereth Mortis you can now use the “Find Find” button for a pet struggle.
* Players against players
* War mode
* In the war mode, Kbato’s damage was reduced against Kbatos of other players in the quest “at the Gate of Death”.
* Shaman
* A problem has been fixed through which the chain healing vehicles could heal in battlefields.

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The patch 1.03.2 of Elden Ring arrange several problems with the multiplayer

All AWESOME New NPC Quest Rewards - Nepheli Loux & Jar Bairn Story Guide - Elden Ring 1.03 Update!
The Elden Ring patch 1.03.02 is already available both on PC and consoles, and arrange some of the failures that were placing the multiplayer in recent weeks. Fundamentally, the error by which players could telektop other users to non-designated map places for it. In addition, the failures are eliminated with the Nepheli Loux mission, which made some players not to progress within them. The ash of war “endure”, which did not work, can already be used normally. Finally, some aspects of performance have been improved. Even so, it is a patch much smaller than the previous one, which was remarkable to add the possibility of adding markers to the map to remember the location of the NPC. You can read our Elden Ring analysis on this link, in which we gave an essential seal.

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