Domestic game production company Farren Hight 213 (213) announced a new RPG project on March 1st. The compatible platform is PC. The company is scheduled to be developed and sold, and project names are underwhelmed. The company’s official site has also been published today.

Farren Hight 213 is a domestic game production company, Mr. Yosuke Shiochi serves a representative director. Mr. Shiochi is a creator who belonged to Square Enix Holdings and TOKYO RPG FACTORY, Dorite Works. He joined the Diwarite Works in 2016. The company has been involved with “Fate / Grand Order” as a creative director and creative producer. Dialight Works’ s game development department is transferred to the new company’s new company lace slice under the Aniplex. The game business and staff, including “Fate / Grand Order”, are inherited to the racingle. At that time, Mr. Shiochikawa has left the Diwarite Works at the end of January, and there was a report of developing a new game at a new company. This official site publication and project announcement show off his new company and new project.

The project “” being developed by Farren Hight is RPG for PC. The concept is fate, Earty. Projects and concepts seem to be intentionally blank. At the official site, several concept art and catch copy wrinkles “It is not a name, no name, no name.” The official site has a wording of “” newness “and” heating “, and the wording is created.”. “

The RPG project by Farren Hight 213 will start from 2022 for PC. In addition, the company’s official site has also been released to the announcement.

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