In the full euphoria of the colossal launch made by Elden Ring, Bandai Namco also has a good news for his employees based in Japan.

As of April 2, 2022, all employees of Bandai Namco based in Japan will see their salary increase an average of 50,000 yen per month, which still represents an increase of 390 euros. At the same time, the starting salary for young graduates who make their debut in the company will experience a substantial increase from 232,000 yen (1,817 euros) to 290,000 yen (2,271 euros) per month.

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In addition to the obvious willingness of remaining attractive and limiting talent leakage, this goal of salaries is to “stimulate autonomy and creativity of employees, thus increasing the chances of delivering” high quality content and entertainment. Varied and deep that can be played long “, explains the press release.

Last November, Ubisoft also announced an increase in wages and a multiplication of weeks of paid holidays in Canada to remain competitive in a market where talents are not unlimited. Meanwhile, other studios like Eidos Montreal and Blackbird Interactive are trying to 4-day week without decreasing wages.