Publisher’s Freedom Games announced on March 2, Cat Cafe Management Sim “ Cat Cafe Manager ” to be released on April 14. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / Nintendo Switch. In the STEAM store, Japanese subtitles and UI are denoted.

“Cat Cafe Manager” is a simulation game that runs a cat cafe. The stage is Caterwaul Way in the village where it was a quiet village. The village has opened the cafe opened by grandmother and has already been ruined. Players will work to recreation between cafes and villages. The big feature of this work is the presence of a cat. Many stray cats are in love around Cafe. As a foster parent that protects the cat in parallel with cafe management. By pouring the cats and pouring loving, trust relationships are built and can be invited to a cafe as a member of the family in the future.

In order to resume a cafe, you must first have a rough interior. Renovate the inside of the store, and will have a minimum necessary facility such as a table or a cook. Don’t forget to adopt human resources to develop as a cat cafe. The player will be a cafe manager and managing work and employees while managing works and employees. Visitors visiting cafe are unique facials such as fisherman, homeless and witch.

Cats who walk around in the store are a family and good employee. Cats have specific individualities such as character and behavior. It seems that new characteristics can be obtained by raising the cat’s level. It may be possible to improve the profit by the compatibility of people visiting cafes and cats and combinations of interiors and menus. If management gets on track, let’s extend the cafe and add a room. If you learn a specific skill, you can increase the number of cats that can be invited, and create more lively and noisy shops. While interacting with regular customers through a cat, let’s foster the ending friendship with the cat and the local people.

In the forest near the cafe, there is a collapse of an ancient cat god. There is a mysterious black cat inhabit, and mysterious power can give some benefits to cafes and cats. While being a solid cafe management, I will try to get the power of mysterious power and cats, and get the bustling of the former store. When the strange history of many of the many stray cats living in the village will be glimpers.

Cat Cafe Manager - Official Trailer | E3 2021
Working with “Cat Cafe Manager” is a ROOST GAMES consisting of creators from the Netherlands. In the past, members have experienced “Renowned Explorers”, which draws the success of the 19th century explorer, and projects such as “GODHOOD” to create religions. In addition, as a studio, this work seems to be the first production.

“Cat Cafe Manager” will be released on April 14 for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / Nintendo Switch. This work corresponds to Japanese subtitles and UI. In addition, Freedom Games of Publisher in this work is “Airborne Kingdom” Nintendo Switch version domestically, “Coromon” will also be developed domestically. The “Cat Cafe Manager” Nintendo Switch version also wants to sell in Japan or expect.