Elden Ring has some of the most beautiful graphics ever seen in a fromSoftware game. The world is undeniable breathtaking and the armaments designs are incredible. Therefore, ELDEN ring contains a new system for changing existing armor: tailoring. If you want to change the design of your armor or change your appearance, you need the Tailor Tools. Immersion changes do not change the values ​​or capabilities of your equipment. That is, it can look a bit different from your favorite armories than normal and offers far more ways to highlight your character.

Elden Ring Tailoring Tools Location

To find the tailoring tools, you must cross the coastal cave in front of the coast on the left of the first two sites of the grace that you have activated at the beginning of the game. The exact location can be found in the map below. They will participate in a boss fight to earn the tailoring tools, so they plan accordingly for this undertaking.

Elden Ring ???? How To Alter Garments (Change Armour Appearance)

As soon as you have reached the coastal cavity, you will be wrapped in darkness. Fit up, because this cave is full of half-men who live in this pitch-black darkness. The first few demi-humans are easily killed, but the others must be fought in the dark, unless they have a torch.

There are also two bosses that you have to fight here, the Demi-Human Chiefs. Take care that the boss room acts as a trap and other grunting demi-people are waiting to help their bosses. As soon as the Demi-Human Chiefs and their lackeys are like, they will drop the Tailoring Tools. From now on, you can edit your character for your heart’s content.

How to change clothes

After you like the chiefs and purchased both cutting tools as well as sewing needles, a new option appears on the sites of grace. Listed under “Change Clothing”, you will take a new menu when you click on it to display all armor, which you have equipped or stored. From here you can pass the different appearances and edits that you can make on the armor. For example, prophets can remove the wheel around their neck by using cutting tools.

With arms changes, low run costs are connected, but it is cheap enough to substantially use the cutting tools whenever you want. This was a great way to make your character as unique as possible and to enable an even more intense gaming experience.

Elden Ring is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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