The March Update for New World not only includes the next and last part of the current story, there is also a new weapon and a new endgame expedition. In addition, Amazon Games wants to implement further adjustments that many of the community have long wish.

NEW WORLD: “Heart of Madness” update comes in March

New World - Timeline of a Failure

The new Story Extension of New World titled “Heart of Madness” is to finish the main history around Isabella. There is a new expedition with “Heart of Storm Winds” . The 5-player dungeon is available from step 60 and should be entered from a 550 armor.

In addition to the continuation of the story, there will also be a new weapon. The thunderbuch is a hand-guided ranged weapon , which is aligned for short and medium distance. The thunder bushing of course has two weapons control trees. “ Enclosure” Gives you skills that you can get close to opponents and gets considerable damage there. The tree “chaos” is suitable for keeping opponents at a distance and cause space damage. The new weapon still has a special feature: you scaled with strength and intelligence and is suitable for close combating, but also for use with magic. Of course, a legendary weapon quest gets the thunderbench. (Source: Amazon Games).

In February, New World focused on improving existing content: _


New World turns the grind factor to the joy of the fans

Daniel Hartmann

Important adjustments on inventory and cooldowns

The March Update has again over a hundred small changes and customizations in the luggage, the details can be found in the current PTR patch notes. A few important innovations are available when inventory:

  • The inventory can be used soon
  • Ammunition has no weight more and no longer limits your load

  • If you die, no longer loses durability in the inventory
  • No more costs for transferring objects from a warehouse to another

In addition, daily cooldowns are now always reset at 5:00 am and the weekly cooldowns on Tuesdays also at 5:00 clock. Another useful change concerns the purchase of houses, you will soon get back 50 percent of the purchase price if your property sells again.

The March update is tested as usual first on the Ptr , starting signal is tonight (March 3, 2022) from 19:00 . As always, until a patch lands on the live servers, changing different things.

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