Line Studio (Line Studio, Representative Lee Jeong Won) said that a typical cooking game inline chef (Line CHEF) is “snoopy” and collaboration.

Line chef is a cooking game that creates delicious dishes and serving customers with Brown and cute birdies. You can play the stage with a variety of play modes, create cute characters and cuisine, and you can feel fun to operate the restaurant. Line chef, which launched in 2019, has recorded 7 million Global Cumulative 7 million downloads and is loved by users around the world.


With this collaboration, a total of five popular Snoopy characters such as ‘Snoopy’ and ‘Charlie Brown’, including ‘Snoopy’ and ‘Charlie Brown’ in a line gathered during a limited period of time, will show you a cute and new fun. In addition, it is possible to acquire the item by playing the special stage during the event period, or by attendance checks or bingo events, etc. For more information on events and collaboration, it is possible to confirm in the announcement in the line chef game.

Meanwhile, RhinSTO is being developed and produced casual games through a global messenger platform line and a variety of collaboration, and is presented in Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong. As a representative work, line Rangers, Line Bubble 2, and line chef are loved by more than 100 million users, researching games of various genres, and are developing games that can enjoy all over the world.