Celebrate the 13 years of FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 22. Fut Birthday offers you two weeks of content to help you give your team a boost. From the special objects Fut Birthday player with five-star boost power boots or moves access bonus skills, SBC, Fut birthday exchanges and more, you are invited to join fountings in Fut 22!

Each Fut Birthday player will have a five-star update for his weak foot or for moves abilities, bringing a new exciting dimension to his game skills.

By exchanging Fut’s birthday tokens, you will have the opportunity to earn other rich awards.

Earn your first Token Fut Birthday Swaps by accessing Fut between March 4th and March 18th. You can earn up to 24 Fut Birthday Swaps tokens. Fut Birthday Swaps tokens will be available mainly in various challenges and goals.


  • ISA – First redeemable token by accessing Fut. Available until March 18th.
  • Hu Jinghang – Second reddatable token by completing SBC Fut 12 – Available until 7 March.
  • Sijaric – Third reddatable token by completing the SBC Tammy Abraham (spread wealth). Available until 11 March.
  • SERPEZIS – Fourth redeemable token by completing the objectives all crazy for the futter birthday (twelve in the field). Available until 11 March.


  • 22 Tokens – Fut Birthday Team 1 Player Pick (between 2 players)
  • 17 Tokens – Fut Birthday Ezequiel Ávila 90 Ovr
  • 14 Tokens – 86+ x 7 Player Pack
  • 10 Tokens – Fut Birthday Jean-Paul Boëtius 89 Ovr
  • 10 Tokens – Fut Birthday Team 1 Pack (a Fut Birthday Team 1 player)
  • 8 Tokens – Fut Birthday Cristian Ansaldi 88 Ovr
  • 5 tokens – Ultimate Pack

* 3 tokens – 83-90 x 6 Player Pack
* 2 TOKENS – Rare Players Pack

FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue to follow us also through our Social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.