The list of hidden achievements GENSHIN IMPACT includes a “perfectionist”, which falls under the category “Snowy does not believe in tears: Series I”. To get it, you need to successfully complete All three routes in Daily Commission of a Reliable Assistant .

A reliable assistant is the daily commission of Monstadt, which includes the help of the Snezhnyan merchant Zesarevich, who requires you to protect his cargo from Hichurlov. You can pass only one route every time, so you need to receive a commission at least three times to gain achievement. Increase your chances of receiving this daily commission by changing the location of the Commission on Monstadt in the Adventure Finder Handbook.

How to go through a reliable assistant

Tsarevich will give you the opportunity to protect the cargo from three different places. You need to fulfill all three in the conditions given to them so that they counted in achievement.

Achievement | Perfectionist | Please read the description!! | Genshin Impact Malaysia


Your goal is to defeat the Hichurls. Without destruction of cargo . This includes destruction from weather or enemy skills. We strongly recommend that you start on a clear day and distract your enemies from the shipment, attracting their attention to the sighting shot, and then taking off aside. Fighting with Hichirlams, avoid large attacks on the area that can spread to the nearest cargo.

Mountain peak

Perform an order to the top of the mountain, defeating the enemies in this Accurate order :

  • Flaming ax Mitakurl
  • Mitakurl from a wooden shield
  • Samachur

It is strongly recommended to use the targeted shots by the archer to control where your attacks fall. Similarly, avoid using AOE attacks that may accidentally kill enemies in the wrong order.

foot of the mountains

The plot at the foot of the mountains is very difficult, as you need to execute the commission within one minute . The timer starts at the moment when you complete the dialogue with Cesarevich. The location of both traxies and enemies are strangely located, so it is impossible to perfectly pass this part without improving your way.

Strategy First: Cooperative Mode

Ask friends to join your world and place them accurately in the same place where the enemy camp is. T Initiation of the Commission with Cesarevich. As soon as you finish the dialogue, let them win enemies while you stay next to Zesarevich. As soon as they kill mobs for the allotted time, talk immediately to Tsarevich to complete the instructions.

Strategy Second: Portable Travel Point

Another option is to put portable travel point next to Cesarevich , where you can teleport after the victory over the enemies. It will save you a lot of time, as Return to Cesarevich can take up to 20 seconds.

However, because in order to get to the enemy camp, you also need to run a little, you need to to defeat them very quickly make time limit. Think about prepare your Elemental Bursts so that you can finish all the fast AOE attacks.

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