As the only third-league team next to leaders 1. FC Magdeburg is still unbeaten Osnabrück in the new year, in addition to the round-rounded and given the development candidate for the climb. After the descent from the 2nd league and some setbacks in the first round, the VFL has developed magnificently and receives the 1st FC Kaiserslautern on Saturday (14 o’clock, live! At team) with a wide chest.

The positive development can also be attached to leaders and self-green Timo Beermann. The 31-year-old central defender had to fight with a muscle fabric from the winter break and then disperse at the turn of the New Year to Corona. But now the left foot has found his rhythm and was in the Derby against the SV Meppen Victor Trackor – even with the weak right foot (“Plan C”).

The home litigation has air up

Beermann knows the reasons for the upswing, as he reveals in the team interview: “The team was reused in the summer. I felt relatively early that there was a lot of quality in it and the mixture could fit from experienced and young players.” The connection to coach Daniel Scherning also have “very quickly built well, in the team is still a lot of potential”.

To be able to pure in the front, Osnabrück has to improve its home litigation. Already 18 points remained on the Bremen bridge, four games were lost with 0: 1. “Extremely annoying dot losses”, Beermann, however, also recognizes an upward trend here and has a tremendous anticipation of the purple-white outlined on the Lautern game. “Immediately at the first training this week was felt, as they all look forward to the game, the backdrop and the atmosphere at our Bremer bridge. This can be a football festival, finally again,” he says. The atmospheric stadium was probably sold out for the first time since November 2019 with 15,800 spectators.

VfL Osnabrück - 1. FC Kaiserslautern | Highlights 3. Liga 21/22

First FCK defeat since October

For the time being, a victory would be the coronation of the VfL run, especially since Osnabrück would then approach two points on the most recently weaker louder. “They defend unbelievably good,” Beermann knows about the barricoped opponent who had to do without 1: 2 at 1860 München during the week and wondrous to the yellow-banned Leitwolf Mike. “You feel that you know that in the back usually little happens. They turn well, especially over the fast outer defenders and they have people in the box that goals can make, even if their chance is not big.”

The first defeat since October will know the red devil, so beemann, put away. For the VFL, much more depends on “what we put in the place”.