The Collaboration of RPG of Action from FromSoftware and George RR Martin, Elden Ring is finally available now, and both players and critics have fun exploring the vast world of The Lands Between and defeating gigantic bosses. While you will spend most of your time fighting against monstrous beasts and, well, just trying to survive, it is likely that you are looking for effective weapons. In this guide, we will give you clues about how to get the winged scythe . Then, without more preamble, let’s go on, okay?

How to get the winged scythe in Elden Ring

Elden Ring - Most OP FAITH Scythe Build You Can Make EARLY | Elden Ring BLACK FLAME Reaper Build

  • First, go to the church of the pilgrimage site of grace.

First he must go to the Church of the Pilgrimage of Gracia, which is found in the North Peak of Weeping Peninsula.

  • Next, go to the southwest to the ruins of Tombsward.

  • Then, enter the ruins of Tombsward and defeat a couple of low-level enemies.

You may want to take a torch or a flashlight, as it is quite dark down there.

  • Finally, plunder the treasure chest in the room in the back to find the winged scythe in all its splendor.

Requirements of winged scythe statistics and gun skill

The winged scythe can be found from the beginning in Elden Ring and is an effective weapon, especially for faith constructions. Specifically, you will need at least 16 of strength, 16 of skill and 24 faith to grasp it.

And that’s all you need to know about How to get winged scythe in Elden Ring . Be sure to search for winged or check our Wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and information about the game.

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