In Gran Turismo 7, there are a total of four camera perspectives from which you can deny the races. In addition to a cockpit and two views from the front of the vehicle, there is also a pursuer perspective, which shows your car from behind.

And exactly to this perspective, there is a bit criticism in the community. Toilynamic they feel some, others do not like the big distance to the vehicle. A user on the GTPlanet platform even claims that “the persecution perspective GT7 ruined”.

Granted, especially in many arcade-oriented racing games, the camera perspectives behind the vehicle often act much more dynamic than in GT7, a bit of help you can still do it in PlayStation Exclusive. Because in Gran Turismo 7 there are a few rudimentary camera settings, which can be overlooked quickly, which, among other things, passed us during our test to Gran Turismo 7.

Fastest Settings in Gran Turismo 7: EVERY Setting Explained

So comes to the camera settings in Gran Turismo 7

Because: The options are available exclusively during the gameplay, so during a running race. In order to make an adaptation of the perspective, you have to carry out the following step.

  • Pauses the game and chooses “Settings”
  • Navigates to “Display Settings” and confirms
  • At the bottom under “View” you can customize both parameters for the cockpit and the pursuer view.

The following options can then be changed specifically for the pursuer perspective:

  • Camera sensation: Specifies in 10 stages, how rigid the perspective acts
  • Adjust the center of rotation: In 3 stages, you set here how flexible the camera reacts into curves
  • Persec view: Default is “far” here, but you can pick up the car to you too.

Through a bit tried around, at least with us, a satisfactory result can achieve what the camera behind the car is no longer too stuck. It is a pity: Even about the settings can not be adapted to look at the right stick from the tracker perspective on the sides of the car.

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Gran Turismo 7 has been available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 since March 4,2022. In addition to a comprehensive campaign for solo players, the game also has a multiplayer mode in which you can compete online against other drivers. There is also a split screen mode for two participants.

Which camera perspective in GT7 is you preferential?